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Influence of school physical education programme.

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1 Influence of school physical education programme

2 Starter Finish the sentences below… Age affects participation because… Facilities affect participation because… Gender affects participation because… Race affects participation because… Parents can affect participation by…

3 The National Curriculum PE has a high status in school curriculums. It is a foundation subject with statutory programmes of study at all Key Stage levels. It is recommended that all students undertake two hours of PE per week. At Key Stage 4, engaged learning aims to motivate students so they can continue to learn, train, play and understand the employment opportunities available after finishing school.

4 It aims to develop; 1.Successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve. 2.Confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives. 3.Responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society

5 Benefits of a school PE programme There are many factors that affect why we take part in sport. Our friends and family and the media are just some of the factors that may influence us. The more we are in contact with an influence the more it may affect us. School, therefore, can play an important part in the encouragement of sport and exercise.

6 Benefits of School PE programme Write down as many benefits of School PE you can think of.

7 Benefits of School PE programme Promotion of Sport Offers a Wide Range of Activities Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle Experience Different Ways To Enjoy Sport Develop a Variety of Skills Develops Social Skills and Friendships Education for Lifelong Learning

8 Promotion of Sport Schools actively encourage participation in sport. PE gives you the opportunity to enjoy a variety of sports. This may lead you to continue playing sport in your own time and when you leave school.

9 Offers a Wide Range of Activities Providing a mix of sports will give students more chance of finding an area of interest and the confidence to take part in physical activity after they have left school. A mix of competitive and non-competitive activities on the timetable can provide a balance that may suit a variety of personalities.

10 Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle A good PE programme can show students how to be healthier and fitter, this knowledge can be used in the future and can lead to lifelong health and fitness.

11 Experience Different Ways To Enjoy Sport Students can be given a chance to take part in lessons in different ways. You may be asked to umpire, coach, lead or observe part of a lesson. These different experiences may appeal to some students and lead to an interest in sport beyond actually playing the game.

12 Develop a Variety of Skills By providing a balanced curriculum, a full range of skills can be learnt. From experience and knowledge of a variety of activities, you may choose to pursue them after you have left school.

13 Develops Social Skills and Friendships Meeting people with similar interests can develop social skills and help to create friendships. By being part of a team you learn that working hard individually can contribute to the success of the team.

14 Education for Lifelong Learning Schools aim to give everyone a positive experience of exercise and provide students with knowledge, skills and understanding giving them confidence to take part in sport when they have left school.

15 Task From the list of ‘benefits of taking part in PE’ you should have in front of you, put them in order of which you feel are the most important. Then, explain why you have chosen what you have ranked number 1. What makes that factor more important than the others?

16 Extra-Curricular Activities As an extension to PE lessons many schools provide extra sessions before school, during lunch and after school. These are called extra-curricular activities and provide even more benefits.

17 Write down as many benefits of Extra- curricular activities you can think of. Benefits of Extra-curricular activities.

18 Become members of a team. Have the chance to be a captain or leader of a team Visit other schools for fixtures Develop links with clubs and providers. For example – Baildon Rugby Club coaches running sessions for our school rugby teams. Have the opportunity to take part in less traditional sports that may not be time tabled in school – example – climbing

19 Task Write a list of extra-curricular activities that you know of that you could take part in at OUR school.

20 See attachment in file

21 Exam Questions 1.Trevor is a 16-year-old cricket player who always attends after school cricket practices arranged by the PE department in his school. How can after school cricket practices help Trevor improve his performance in Cricket? (2) 2.Briefly explain why PE has a good influence on participation in physical activity. (3) 3.Identify two benefits for the performer who attends extra-curricular (lunch-time and after school) practices. (2)

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