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1 for-windows-10 for-windows-10 /alexwaston14/fix-pc-error u/0/b/110355697757249019670 /pages/Fix-PC- Error/523125764467185 /repairpcerror channel/UCb-PIbnNxVe6S2xG2lNcq5w

2  About the Issue  Tricks to fix the issue  Professionals Recommendation  Conclusion menus-for-windows-10 menus-for-windows-10

3 It is possible to add the Hibernate Option to the power button menu inside the Start menu in Windows 10. One can easily use the hibernation instead of the shutdown command and your PC will still be powered off with the use of this command. In Windows, this hibernation option is very useful and time-saving because while operating this option, you don’t need to close your open documents and apps before you switch off the system. However, you can resume your work the next time exactly where you stopped. menus-for-windows-10 menus-for-windows-10

4 Why there is need to Use Hibernation Option? This option can be very useful because it saves time. For example, you are doing an assignment late night and suddenly you thought of taking a little break then you can switch to hibernation mode. In this way, you just have to press the power button of your laptop and it will begin off again from the point you switched it to hibernate mode with all your applications and other documents closed or unchanged. Also, it saves your battery from being dead. So, using this option is the best option in such cases. menus-for-windows-10 menus-for-windows-10

5 for-windows-10 for-windows-10 Steps to Enable Hibernate Option In Power Menus For Windows 10

6 menus-for-windows-10 menus-for-windows-10 Step 1: Open run dialogue box by pressing Windows + R, Type “powercfg.cpl” at dialogue box and press Enter key.

7 Step 2: After this, in the Power Options window, click Choose what the power buttons do link present in the right pane. windows-88-110 windows-88-110 windows-88-110 windows-88-110 for-windows-10 for-windows-10

8 windows-88-110 windows-88-110 windows-88-110 windows-88-110 for-windows-10 for-windows-10

9 Step 4: At last, in the System Settings windows, scroll to the Shutdown settings, Hibernate option is available here, which is disabled/unchecked by default. Click on the check mark present against this option and enable it. Click on the Save Changes. windows-88-110 windows-88-110 windows-88-110 windows-88-110 for-windows-10 for-windows-10

10 After performing the above steps, restart your system and check the power menus. You’ll see the Hibernate Option is present there along with the other power saving options. However, if you want to make you PC error free and fast then you should opt for professionally designed software called PC Repair Tool. This tool is the best and the efficient way to maintain your system. This too van be used by anyone as it does not need any kind of technical help. windows-88-110 windows-88-110 windows-88-110 windows-88-110 settings-in-windows-10 settings-in-windows-10

11 For more information you can also visit: hibernate-option-in-power-menus-for- windows-10 for-windows-10 for-windows-10

12 /alexwaston14/fix-pc-error u/0/b/110355697757249019670 /pages/Fix-PC-Error/523125764467185 channel/UCb-PIbnNxVe6S2xG2lNcq5w /repairpcerror windows-88-110 windows-88-110 windows-88-110 windows-88-110 for-windows-10 for-windows-10

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