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Presented By: Chris M. Wright, CPP IIA Spring Conference 2016 IRVINE, CA March 17, 2016.

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1 Presented By: Chris M. Wright, CPP IIA Spring Conference 2016 IRVINE, CA March 17, 2016

2  Security and safety issues  Alarms, lighting, access control, cameras  Guard Services  Hew Hires  Privacy in the academic setting  Where do I found out about _______?  Vandalism, Graffiti  Workplace violence, bullying, cyber threats

3  Middle manager of a federally funded grant program embezzled in excess of $100,000 by way of:  Enrolling “Ghost Students”  Enrolling family members  Not distributing entitlements to qualified students  Attending 63 conferences in 2 yrs  Creating a hostile work environment  Stealing equipment

4  The manager was placed on administrative leave and paid her full salary while the investigation was on-going.

5  Senior Manager was having her personal mail stolen.  HR person followed  Drive-bys occurring with regularity at the residence of HR Manager  Four students assaulted on campus of which two of them where “whistle blowers”  Students were receiving threatening phone calls and text messages at odd hours. Calls originated from the office on campus for the program.

6  Initial interviews conducted by HR with the students of the program  All personal file information  Full cooperation in the form of a Letter of Authority from highest ranking college official

7  Two prong approach  Security for victims (students and staff)  Investigation into the embezzlement

8  Identify victims and perpetrators  Obtain all personal information on both (full names, addresses, social security numbers, dates of birth, all phone numbers, email addresses, next of kin, vehicles owned)  Review their personnel file or student record  Full and complete backgrounds on all the principals and suspects to determine:  Capability  Revenue  Previous history of violence  Behaviors, attitudes, mindsets  Surveillance to determine day to day activities and observe behavior  Interview all available personnel in the offices of the program and any students willing to come forward

9  Google Earth all home and work locations  Sit down with the victims and their family/home members and explain the situation and what is going to happen, why and give them phone and contact info for their needs  Set up protection based on need for the individual and family members  Identify the needs for each of the victims and start training them on protecting themselves in order to establish their ‘NEW NORMAL’.

10  Provided real time GPS tracking devices so we knew where people were at all times  Used a military approach to getting to victims when we needed to and before the perpetrators  Purchased cell phones, bus passes, laptops in order to facilitate the ability to contact the victims whenever we needed to  Used security technology (cameras, drones, snakes) to help us with our work  Monitoring of social media sites for info and review of email if still available to perpetrators if they are still on campus.  Kept local law enforcement in the loop of our activities for the time when the perpetrators would call the police on us to assist them in terminating our investigation and surveillance.  Maintained a presence for a year on the perps.

11  Once law enforcement is brought in we are OUT OF THE LOOP. We now have to do our work with some restrictions but use the political clout of your district if local law enforcement is not cooperative in giving you a heads up on things that may impact the work.  Hand hold the victims through this transition of depositions, court hearings and the trial.


13 Chris M. Wright, CPP The Wright Group, Inc. 714 687-11490

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