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Table of Contents. Lessons 1. General Guidelines Go Go 2. Group Communication Go Go 3. Directions Go Go.

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1 Table of Contents

2 Lessons 1. General Guidelines Go Go 2. Group Communication Go Go 3. Directions Go Go

3 Table of Contents  Adopt acceptable attitudes and behaviors ◦ Courtesy ◦ Respect ◦ Sensitivity to boundaries ◦ Empathy

4 Table of Contents  Involves being polite, gracious, helpful, and considerate  Overcome personal and other issues unrelated to the job

5 Table of Contents  Approach another person with a feeling of esteem or regard  Theme in any study of communication in health care  Without proper respect, communication can quickly veer towards failure.

6 Table of Contents  Sensitivity is ability to see and appreciate the personal traits of others  Sensitivity to boundaries is ability to recognize and observe the emotional and physical limits of others

7 Table of Contents  Ability to share in someone else’s feelings or emotions  Patients who are lonely or facing serious surgeries or terminal illnesses are in special need of empathy

8 Table of Contents  Put aside all personal and cultural bias  Treat all people fairly, equally, and with sensitivity  Be aware that others have cultural and personal biases

9 Table of Contents  Diversity includes the following: ▫Race ▫Gender ▫Age ▫Ethnicity ▫Socioeconomic status ▫Occupation ▫Health status ▫Religion ▫Sexual orientation

10 Table of Contents  Constructive criticism can build people up and inspire them to do better.  Non-constructive criticism serves only to tear people down and discourage them.  Be prepared to accept and give constructive criticism

11 Table of Contents  When people receive constructive criticism, they should appreciate it.  People who receive criticism should avoid making excuses, getting angry, and blaming others.

12 Table of Contents  When giving criticism, people should put themselves in the other’s place.  Choose words carefully and speak kindly and considerately  Allow the other person a moment to accept what is said

13 Table of Contents  Health care workers must effectively communicate with their colleagues.  Health care workers must put aside all personal prejudice and treat team members fairly and equally and so that they can communicate effectively in group situations.  Successful group situations also involve an understanding of communication patterns, interaction, and participation.

14 Table of Contents  Chain-of-communication pattern  Wheel-of-communication pattern  All-channel communication pattern

15 Table of Contents  Conformity occurs when individuals change their opinions or beliefs to match that of the group.  In some instances, conformity can be bad, as it may cause people to go against their beliefs and values.  In the professional world, conformity can be good. It is good when people conform to behave appropriately in the professional atmosphere.

16 Table of Contents  Understand the group goals and own roles within the group  In meeting situations, group members must: ▫Be prepared. ▫Use active listening skills. ▫Focus on the discussion. ▫Share relevant ideas. ▫Respect others. ▫Follow through with assignments.

17 Table of Contents  In the health care field, it is critical that directions are carried out correctly.  In order for this to occur, directions must both be given and taken accurately.

18 Table of Contents  When giving directions: ▫Keep instructions simple and brief ▫Give directions in a logical, chronological order ▫Adjust language and complexity to the patient’s ability ▫Have the patient restate ▫Correct any misunderstanding

19 Table of Contents  When following directions: ▫Be diligent ▫Ask questions ▫Take notes ▫Follow through

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