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FAST-LAIN Meeting 25-26 May 2011 in Saarbrücken Partner Profile La Palma World Biosphere Reserve.

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1 FAST-LAIN Meeting May 2011 in Saarbrücken Partner Profile La Palma World Biosphere Reserve

2 Partner Organisation - Name: La Palma World Biosphere Reserve - Place, country: La Palma – Canary Islands - Spain -Short description Small Island: 706 km2, over inhabitants, 14 municipalities First Spanish Island with a BR First extension in 1998 (27 times bigger than the original one) Second extension, and final one, November 2002 – the entire Island is BR Marine Reserve – located on the SW coastline Sky Biosphere Reserve – it is still a project Comply with the obligations of every BR: Conservation, Development and Logistics. Participant/s: - Name: Isabel González - Role in the organisation: Technician of the Biosphere Reserve. - logo: - screenshot of own website: Our organisation

3 La Palma WBR. La Palma Tourist Board. Cabildo Insular de La Palma. CIT La Palma Tedote. ADER La Palma. Asociación de Turismo Rural, Isla Bonita. Astrotour Isla Bonita. S/C de La Palma Townhall. Breña Alta Townhall. Breña Baja Townhall. Los Llanos Townhall. Tazacorte Townhall. San Andrés y Sauces Townhall. Cámara de Comercio de La Palma. CEPYME Transporte Insular de La Palma. CRAE Consejo Regulador agricultura Ecológica. D.O Queso Palmero. D.O Vinos de La Palma. Reserva Marina La Palma. Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias. List of ORGANISATIONS which are working in our region/area on sustainable tourism topics

4 Starlight. Paisapal. Marcopalma. Invasive species. Biomacan. Quality Economies. BIOSPHERE Certification System. Spanish Biosphere Reserves Tourist Product Club. iCairn. B-Travel engine. The city in the museum. Insular sustainability observatory. Canary Island a volcanic experience II "Volcanoes under Stars. Selection of current PROJECTS and INITIATIVES on sustainable tourism in our region/area

5 Upcoming EVENTS on sustainable tourism in our region/area Starlight 20th April of every year Santa Cruz de La Palma Fotosub August 2011 Tazacorte Transvulcania La Palma S. Antonio del Monte 11 June Garafía El Diablo 07-sep Tijarafe Caballos Fufos 29-sep Tazacorte Corpus Christi June Villa de Mazo International Photo ContestSeptember 2012 La Palma Amateurs Astronomers CongressSeptember 2012 La Palma

6 Casa Rural Carlota Casa Rural San Sebastián Casas Rurales Los Nacientes Casa Rural EL Pósito Casa Rural EL Sitio La Rosa Casa Rural Villa Asunción Casa Rural La Capellana Casa Rural El Jócamo Casa Rural La Oliva Casa Real Los Hondos Casa Rural El Tendal Casa Rural Manuela Casa Rural El Molino Casa Rural El Níspero Casa Rural Puente Roto Casa Rural Los Cardones Casa Rural La Higuerita La Muralla Restaurant Mesón del Mar Restaurant Bodegón Restaurante Mambrino Hacienda San Jorge Hotel Natour Trekking El Molino Museum Casa Roja Museum Insular Museum Belmaco Archaeological Park Visitors Centre Los Tilos Mercadillo de Puntagorda Selection of tourism businesses /services which might be promoted on a sustainable tourism MARKET PLACE

7 Our Regional / Thematic Cluster idea Project title:Tourism La Palma Cluster Lead organisation: La Palma World Biosphere Reserve Research thematic/s:Natural and Cultural Heritage Quality Assessment, Certification & Marketing Sustainable Consumption and Production & Tourism (overarching Objectives: Consolidate a Tourism Development Model bases on Sustainability Principles and Cooperation Potential partners La Palma Tourist Board Cabildo Insular de La Palma CIT La Palma Tedote ADER La Palma Asociación de Turismo Rural, Isla Bonita Astrotour Isla Bonita. Townhalls of Tourism related Municipalities Chamber of Commerce – La Palma CEPYME Key regional/ thematic Knowledge Providers Asociación de Turismo Rural, Isla Bonita ADER La Palma CIT La Palma Tedote La Palma Tourist Board UNED (open university)

8 Special strengths Consolidated and differentiated offer in nature tourism: activities related with the environment - special reference to our Footpath Network. La Palma is a Biosphere Reserve (UNESCCO on November 2002). Important to mention the excellent safety for local people and visitors. Special needs (needs and threads) New competitors with lower costs in the tourist market with similar resources and visitor attractions. Lack of motivating and training programmes to stimulate local new businesses related with the tourist sector. Increase in prices and difficulty in reaching the Island due to connectivity problems. Potential Insular Sustainability Observatory. Paisapal. Starlight.

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