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“I Am” poem.

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1 “I Am” poem

2 Eloise Greenfield Eloise Greenfield has been writing since she was in her early 20s and has published 38 children's books, including picture books, novels, poetry, and biographies. Her work often portrays strong, loving African American families and communities, such as the ones in which she grew up.

3 By Myself Eloise Greenfield
When I am by myself And I close my eyes I’m a twin I’m a dimple in a chin I’m a room full of toys I’m a squeaky noise I’m a gospel song I’m a gong. I’m a leaf turning red I’m a loaf of brown bread I’m whatever I want to be and anything I care to be. And when I open my eyes What I want to be Is me

4 Purposes To recognize the many roles we play To practice authorship
To draw up important memories of events, people, and places in our lives To develop our own uniqueness, and to recognize the diversity in others To develop a self-respect, appreciating what is good and positive in ourselves

5 Writing your own poem I invite you to follow Eloise Greenfield and close your eyes. Think about yourself. What are the deepest feelings that define you, the hopes, the dreams, the commitments that support your life?

6 Think of an image to describe yourself
Think of an image to describe yourself. If you were a sound, what sound would that be? If you were a color, what color would that be? In the spirit of Eloise Greenfield, do not limit yourself to naming a color. You can place that color in context to make it more vivid, like her “leaf turning red.” If you were a flower, which one would you be? Which bird? Which animal? Which element of nature? How can you best express who you are?

7 Requirements Title for your poem Author’s name
Typed, double spaced, and neat Must fill the entire page Must be a single page Minimum of at least 10 lines Minimum of two metaphors or similes Uses unique and vivid imagery Avoid the obvious and ordinary

8 Roles: daughter, sister, friend, wife, teacher, athlete, hostess Traits: competitive, obsessive, loving, happy, energetic, athletic, aspiring to be more, considerate, shy, introverted, dedicated, persistent, capable….

9 Brainstorm Using Images & Traits
Energetic: first chirping bird in summer time or sun peeping in the window Capable: a camel able to walk indefinitely Competitive: like an eager puppy Aspiring: The small buds of an oak tree (growing strong with each year) Shy: like the quiet music coming from a neighbor’s backyard

10 Running Reflections by Catie Frederick
When I am alone on the wooded trail, and my feet are free to carry me further… I am an eager puppy. I am a camel able to walk indefinitely—without water. Breath deep! Inhale. Exhale. I whisper. I am the first chirping bird in summer. I am the quiet music coming from the neighbor’s backyard. I am a girl; the small bud on the ancient oak tree. I am a woman; the deep roots knotted in the soil. When I am alone, I am a runner Unfastened. I am the wind, the sun, the babbling creek, and the mud beneath my moving feet.

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