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Understanding Your Community Part Two: Demographics.

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2 Understanding Your Community Part Two: Demographics

3 Demos is an ancient Greek word for people or a segment of the population, and graphos is the Greek word for writing or documentation.

4 What is Your Ministry Area?

5 What do the Terms Mean?

6 Population vs. Households Household Average Household Size

7 Population by Age Median Age 18 Years and Over Minors 65 Years and Over

8 Race and Ethnicity

9 White Black or African American American Indian and Alaska Native Asian

10 Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander Some other race Two or more races Hispanic or Latino (of any race)

11 Relationships In Households Householder Spouse Child

12 Nonrelatives Unmarried partner In Group Quarters

13 Education School Enrollment Educational Attainment

14 Percent High School Graduate or Higher Percent Bachelor’s Degree or Higher

15 Other Groups with Special Needs

16 Grandparents as Caregivers Veterans Disability

17 People who Move

18 Immigration and Ancestry

19 Native or Native Born Foreign Born Region of Birth Language spoken at Home Ancestry

20 Employment Profile

21 In Labor Not in Labor Force Civilian Labor Force Unemployed

22 Commuting to Work Mean Travel Time to Work Occupation White Collar Blue Collar

23 Class of Worker Self-Employed

24 Household Income Median Household Income Per Capita Income Median Earnings Poverty

25 Housing Total Housing Units Vacant Housing Units Owner-Occupied

26 Renter Occupied Single-unit Detached Two Units Mobile Homes Year Structure Built Rooms

27 Year Householder move into Unit Vehicles Available Median Value Median Rent

28 Resources for Demographics

29 Center for Metropolitan Ministry

30 Institute of Church Ministry


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