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Comparison B/W Word Press and Joomla By Joomdev Software Solution Pvt Ltd.

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1 Comparison B/W Word Press and Joomla By Joomdev Software Solution Pvt Ltd.

2 WordPress Vs Joomla - Which One is Better For Your Website? Once you have decide to launch your professional website for your business, Whether your site relate to personal, Corporate, Blog and information portal etc. Then, define your budget constraint and leave the rest with professionals whose technical expertise allows them to choose an appropriate (CMS) that will prove equal to the task and serve your interests to the full.

3 WordPress and Joomla, both are one of the most popular Content management System. There’s no need to look for another CMS as those giants are the most popular ones. This PPT is somewhat outside the scope of some beginners, but the reason I thought it was important to publish is that it relates to the setup our website and which CMS to choose, please read it till the end to understand in a better way, unlike other articles.

4 So let’s take a few minutes to review each of these two content management systems to see which one is right for you on the basis of these features. Features of WordPress and Joomla CMS WordPress - Best pick for beginners, works well for small to medium sized websites, blogs and stores. Joomla - Great for e-commerce type of sites, but require at least some level of technical coding.

5 Features of WordPress Easy to install. Easy to administer and Strong SEO capabilities. Easy to add popular and common features. Easiest learning curve; ideal for those with little to no technical background. Highly flexible (blog, ecommerce, website, etc.) Does not require coding to edit. Easy posting using WYSIWG interface. Stable plug-in API architecture (i.e. easy to develop plugins) Websites can be completely customized through the use of widgets and plug-ins. Most extensive number of extension vendors and themes. Extensive support via Google searches.

6 Features of Joomla Easy to install and Free to use on your web server Ideal for those who fall between tech-pros and tech-newbies. Strong content management capabilities. Automatically creates responsive sites. Thousands of features and designs. Extensive plugins (‘extensions’) library. Strong well maintained support communities and forums. Social Networking Support Portal Customizable a lot of plug-ins and themes available to choose from.

7 Conclusion: So when is comes to community support, Joomla is the clear winner. Joomla community is much supportive than other communities, and it is entirely spam free. So overall WordPress is a clear winner in WordPress and my suggestion is if you are a beginner than consider WordPress and if looking for more content and structure flexibility as require for E- commerce sites than choose Joomla. In all, both of these CMS packages are great, easy to use, adaptable, and low cost. Decide whether you need a monstrous, mega site, or a simpler site that showcases your business.

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