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Journey by Patricia Grace

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1 Journey by Patricia Grace
Analysis by: Carlos Andrés Bonilla

2 Synopsis The story is about a journey that a
Maori man makes to the city to discuss his ancestral land with city planners. First, he goes by a taxi to the train station and then he takes the train to the city. All the while the old man notices the features of the big city. He also keeps an eye out for his nephew, who, he has been told, hangs around at the train station. When he gets to the city planning office the official proposes that the old man’s family would move off their land to a more fertile and convenient land and receive money. The old man returns home and says nothing to his family except that he now wants to be cremated, rather than buried, when he dies.

3 Conflict and Genre Conflict: Man vs. Society. Genre: modern life

4 Character A 71 year old Maori man
a very strong attachment to his traditions and beliefs. constantly compared the way of life in the city with the traditional life of the Maori. preferred the ways that respected nature and its spirits, according with the superstitions of his tradition. admire the buildings and accomplishments of the ‘pakehas’ (Maori for white people.) doesn’t like the fact that he was rather old. Hates it when people treated him as if he was a helpless elder. is quite feisty: he wants to discuss with the city official but loses his temper Through the thoughts and experiences of this character the author explores the conflict between traditional Maori life and beliefs and modern society and life

5 Themes Tradition vs. innovation: how society is being changed by technology and globalisation and how tradition and old beliefs are being put aside. Aging: how the Maori man copes, (or tries to) with the fact that he is older and places and people change around him. Moral deterioration: The inferred life his nephew is leading as a displaced native in the big city, in poverty and embroiled in bad activities; the dirty subway was a symbol of how moral deterioration has lead to radical changes in the region.

6 Setting and structure Setting: modern New Zealand, now-a-days
Maori home and small settlement vs the big city of Auckland Structure

7 Narration Stream of consciousness 1st person

8 Language The language used by the Maori man sometimes has a touch of sarcasm The Writing: Patricia Grace didn´t use quotation marks to make the reader feel as if s/he is inside the story. alliteration, repetition and paronomasia “Good on his own, good as gold” some Maori words used Stream of Consciousness written…

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