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Leadership Unit Career & Family Leadership. Leadership = Relationships Past= leadership revolved around 1 person and their actions. Today= leadership.

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1 Leadership Unit Career & Family Leadership

2 Leadership = Relationships Past= leadership revolved around 1 person and their actions. Today= leadership is an interaction with others and the actions of all. The leadership process requires both leaders and followers. Leadership ranges from small decisions to decisions that impact millions.

3 Where are the Leaders? 90% of total leadership today is in informal voluntary settings. Less than 10% is in organized groups and institutions. Leadership is continuous. Leadership can be accidental or unintentional. Some leadership comes with a formal position such as President.

4 Where are the Leaders? Some people lead by example, by being a role model. Some may serve as role models even though they do not choose to. Is a sports star or rock star a leader? Your thoughts…

5 Leadership is Situation Specific Situations create the need or opportunity for different kinds of leadership. – War and other crises create situations where people come forward as leaders. Individuals who are good leaders in some situations, may not be good leaders in other situations. The style of leadership that works well in one situation, may not work well in another.

6 True or False? 1.A good leader must be a good coach as well. 2.Leadership starts at the top and trickles down. 3.Leadership is mostly about influencing others. 4.There should only be one leader in a team. 5.A leader must have authority to command respect. 6.All good leaders must have a clear vision for the future. 7.To be a leader you must first be a manager. 8.Good communication skills are essential for leadership. 9.A leader must be able to motivate people. 10.The best leaders are strategic thinkers.

7 Leadership Styles Each person has a leadership style which they feel comfortable. Different style of leadership are needed in different situations. Leaders may have to switch to a different style of leading- outside of their comfort zone- to get the job done.

8 Leadership Styles- Autocratic Characteristics – Tells others what to do – Limits discussion – Does not allow for teamwork Effective When… – Time is limited – Followers lack skills & knowledge – Group members do not know each other. Ineffective When… – Teamwork is the goal – Followers are knowledgeable and skillful – Group wants to have fun and enjoy their work

9 Leadership Styles- Democratic Characteristics – Involves group members in planning and carrying out. – Asks before tells – Promotes teamwork Effective When… – Time is available – Group is motivated and feels like a team – Group is knowledgeable and skillful Ineffective When… – Group is unmotivated – Members have little skills and knowledge – Lots of conflict

10 Leadership Styles: Laissez-Faire Characteristics – Gives little or no direction to group – Opinion is offered only when requested – No one seems to be in charge Effective When… – Group is skillful and motivated – High sense of teamwork – Routine is familiar and everyone knows what to do Ineffective When… – Low sense of team – Low degree of skill – Group expects to be told what to do

11 Who’s the Boss? You have just been appointed BOSS! This means you are in charge. As you read through the situations on your worksheet identify which leadership style you think will work best in each situation. Then explain what you would do to handle the situation using that leadership style.

12 Ethical Leadership Leadership involves the ability to use skills to work cooperatively with a group of people. Some who are put into leadership roles, may not actually be good leaders. What about gang leaders? – Is this ethical leadership?

13 Characteristics of Ethical Leadership Energy- comes from within. The willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed. Confidence- belief in the abilities of the group. Desire- provides strength and enthusiasm. Concern- genuinely caring for others. Morality- good understanding of what is right and wrong.

14 Leadership & Personal Character Must our top leaders be saints? What is the connection between leadership and personal character? Can a political leader with a poor reputation govern a country wisely? Do the actions people take in their personal lives affect their abilities to fulfill their leadership roles?

15 Leadership & Personal Character Leadership takes time and sacrifice. People criticize leaders and their actions- this criticism can be difficult for some to handle. Many who would make great leaders are afraid to be criticized. The media devotes much of its time to finding dirt and criticizing today’s public leaders.

16 Who Me? Ethical Situations Read the situations and determine if you believe the actions taken are acceptable or unacceptable. Be prepared to justify your response!

17 How to be a good Follower… Think for yourself, contribute your ideas and thoughts. Be consistent and dependable. Be patient. Be open to criticism and suggestions.

18 What Leadership is NOT… Leadership is not a position! Leadership is not about being popular! Leadership is not a one-man show! Leadership is not about blaming others!

19 Traits of Effective Leaders Motivation- being inspired to take action. Personality- being easy to work with and pleasant to be around. Patience- most good things do not happen quickly. Change takes time. Praise Giving- being thankful to those that help.

20 Traits of Effective Leaders Positive Attitude- negativity brings the entire group down and kills motivation. Realistic- have reasonable expectations and goals. Preparation- being organized and prepared. DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A LEADER? LET’S FIND OUT!

21 Do You Have What It Takes? 1.Do you sincerely like others and have patience with them? 2.Would you like to study more about human behavior? 3.Is making more money in the future important to you? 4.Would you be willing to assume more responsibility than you have presently? 5.Do you think of yourself as someone who exhibits initiative and drive? 6.Do other perceive you as someone who has initiative and drive? 7.Are you willing to make decisions and be responsible for them? 8.Do you want more freedom to plan your work and the work of others? 9.Is recognition important to you? 10.Would you rather work with human problems than computer or mechanical problems?

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