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Created by : Heartfelt Happy New Year SMS 2016.

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1 Created by : Heartfelt Happy New Year SMS 2016

2 Deep feelings can never be counted in words; still you can send beautifully presented short Heartfelt Happy Christmas short Messages to carve all your emotions with the perfect words.


4 You can send it via social sites, email or thorough SMS and get them realize your true blessings of New year SMS and wish for them.New year SMS

5 The words are few but the carved emotions will definitely bring a smile on your nearest ones faces, so have a look at this here under.this here

6 Happy Christmas Messages The best gift to friends and family Is the gift of time and love May you get both Merry Christmas May you get the best Shimmering and joyous Colorful Christmas celebration May you fall into great conspiracy of love And surround by never ending love Wishing you lovely Christmas

7 May this fest of Christmas You meet to the true love You meet the gift of faith and hop And the peace of his love Wishing you a happiest Christmas celebration May this Christmas season You find the love of those you love And those who love you


9 May the good presents of golden memories You get in this Christmas You get unconditional love And fall into the biggest celebration of Christmas May the lovely Christmas You get favorable enjoyable celebration Do not ignore this Lord provide you chance to smile

10 Merry Christmas Christmas is the fest for hugs and cuddles Christmas is the magic fest to spread love Share it with your children and your better half To get the magical spark of Christmas celebration Wishing you and your family A very pleasing Christmas

11 Spread all your heartfelt Christmas wishes to them whom you always wish to care and greet first in every celebration of Happy new year messages 2016. You can send it to your friends, family, loved one boy friend or girl friend and colleagues. So you can click here and send it nowHappy new year messages 2016

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