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AN ENGLISHMAN'S HOME by Evelyn Waugh An Englishman's.

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1 AN ENGLISHMAN'S HOME by Evelyn Waugh An Englishman's

2 SETTING  Takes place in the Edwardian era.  In the countryside in a village called Much Malcock, somewhere in southern England.

3 SYNOPSIS Mr. Beverly Metcalfe is a middle-aged man who aspires to be gentry. He purchases parcel of land in a charming village, but leaves a piece in the centre, surrounded by his and other gentry folk’s land. The other “Old Money” residents only grudgingly welcome newcomer. A pair of businessmen, Mr. Hargood-Hood and his lawyer/brother buy the remainder of the land, where they say they will build a factory. The upper-class neighbours are very unhappy and blame Mr. Metcalfe and they all avoid spending their money to solve the problem. In the end Lady P and Mr. Metcalfe buy back the land, making sure to get their namee on projects in the community for their civic efforts as “the upper crust”.

4 Un-beknownst to them, the brothers bought the land to scare the rich neighbours to re-buy it at a higher price. In the end Mr. Metcalf has spent much more for the land than it would have cost originally.

5 NARRATION 3 rd Person Objective

6  Main character: protagonist  “new money”, rising middle class, pretensious  Merchandiser who made his money in India  Wanted to become a true country gentleman “He had made a study and noted the points of true countrymen.”  Believes in the adage: An Englishman’s Home is His Castle  Convinces himself that, though he cannot afford to buy more land that he really only wanted a small property anyhow BEVERLY METCALFE

7  “old money”  Most respected lady in Much Malcock  NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) mentality  “old money”  NIMBY mentality (Not In My Back Yard) CHARACTERS Lady Peabury Colonel Hodge

8  “new money” businessmen  Clever!  Scam artists: they find villages filled with old money, conservative people and use their NIMBY attitude against them to make money. CHARACTERS Hornbeam Brothers

9 Gentry  Old money  Blame others whenever there are complications  They try to get involved as little as possible  NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) CHARACTERS

10 CONFLICT  Character vs. Character Mr. Beverley vs. Lady Peabury Mr. Beverly vs. the Hargood-Hood brothers  Person vs. Society Mr. Beverley vs. the gentry class H-H brothers vs. gentry class

11 THEMES  Social-climbing and class system  Tradition and Conservatism  Snobbery and Pretentiousness  Old money vs. new money


13 GENRE  Slice of Life – a look at the life of village English gentry folk and their foibles of snobbery (NIMBY) and the social climbing of the middle class  Humour

14 LANGUAGE  Elegant at times “In pursuance of our conversation of three days ago, I beg to inform you that I have been in communication with Mr Hargood-Hood…” (taken from the letter written by Beverley Metcalfe to Lady Peabury)


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