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Melbourne Property Valuers

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1 Melbourne Property Valuers

2 Experienced Melbourne Property Valuation ● Established in 1997, Melbourne Property Valuers is an independent and experienced Melbourne Property Valuation and Real Estate Consultancy firm based in Melbourne. ● Our firm provides property valuations and real estate advice throughout Melbourne. The hallmarks of our service are professionalism, efficiency and integrity.

3 Property Settlement Valuations ● Getting the right price for property sales is often a very difficult matter. It may not be always possible to satisfy the seller because they may feel that the property could have fetched a higher rate than what it has been able to get. ● On the other hand, as experienced valuers we have also seen that the buyers are never in the same page as that of the seller.

4 Separation/De Facto Relationship Valuations ● We have been in the valuation market for such a long time that we understand the complexities and intricacies of many property transactions. ● When it comes to transfer of property between family members, it could be quite difficult because apart from the legal angle there is also an emotional spin to it.

5 Capital Gains Tax Valuations ● Melbourne Property Valuers are one of the leading Melbourne Valuation firms involved in offering the high quality valuation services for Capital Gains Tax purposes. ● We specialise in property valuations that are suitable for submission to the Australian Tax Office for your investment property.

6 Address: Suite 614, 20 Queen Street Melbourne, VIC 3000 Telephone: (03) 9021 2007

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