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Renaissance Italy Around Theatre around

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1 Renaissance Italy Around 1400-1700 Theatre around 1500- 1700
RENAISSANCE = REBIRTH Mona Lisa (Da Vinci, )

2 2 Forms of Italian Theatre
Commedia dell’arte Courtly Dramas

3 Commedia dell’arte Refresher
Italian, 1500s- 1700s Improvisational Theatre Unscripted, Free to watch First female performers

4 Commedia dell’arte Refresher
Lazzi, burle Innamorati, vecchi, zanni Stock characters including Arlecchino, Pantalone, Flavio, Isabella, and Pedrolino

5 Courtly Dramas and Neoclassicism
… … … …

6 Neoclassicism or What’s With the Fancy Word, Mr. S?
ALL you need to know: Neoclassicism means new classicism After discovering classic books by Aristotle, Sophocles, Euripides, and Aristophanes, artists of all sorts wanted to create art based on Greek models

7 Italian Courtly Dramas
Members of the wealthy class built permanent indoor theatres Era is not well known for dramatic lit, most scripts are lost Comedy/tragedy after Roman model Major example: Mandragola (The Mandrake) by Machiavelli

8 Italian Courtly Dramas
Pastoral Drama Nymphs (?) & shepherds in love. Appeal: nostalgia, simple life New style: intermezzi Allegorical plot + spectacle Courtly audience Plays are written in the Neoclassical style


10 Structures & Stages Teatro Farnese, 1618
First permanent proscenium arch stage! Creates perspective (connects to painters of the time)

11 Scenic Technology WINGS! Angled Vs. Flat
Groove system (wings slide in grooves)

12 Scenic Technology

13 Famous Renaissance Italians
Niccolo Machivelli Petrarch Leonardo Da Vinci Copernicus Descartes Galileo Michelangelo

14 What Can We Do? A Play A Presentation A Song A PowerPoint
A Poster Wall Requirements: Everyone must speak Treat whatever you do like a performance

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