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A secret witch most of the Indians doesn’t know - By kishan.

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1 A secret witch most of the Indians doesn’t know - By kishan

2 Aryabhatta a great mathematician invented the number 0.He looked at the shape of planets and made a number 0. before people were using only till show a number 15 the were using 9+6.but after the invention of 0 counting increased till infinite. Now 0 is considered as the most powerful number. Aryabhatta observing planets.

3 India invented decimal system by seeing there hands. They saw there are 10 finger in there hands so they took base as 10 and invented it by expressing with some symbols. Later Egyptians also used this but in the form which we use now 1/10=0.1……………and so on. Indian way of decimals

4 The "Kerala school," a little-known group of scholars and mathematicians in fourteenth century India, identified the "infinite series" — one of the basic components of calculus — around 1350. Isaac Newton also said that India was the first country to start calculus. A picture from the school of Kerala.

5 India first invented the Pythagorean theorem but we gave its credit to Greeks. A Vedic rishi Bayudhayana first wrote a slogan on Pythagorean theorem. Afterwards Greeks invented the same. Indian gurus also wrote the same on stones.

6 India first used algebra to denote any unknown number they used algebra and solve their problems of money.Afterwards Babylonians started a new way to solve it and it was accepted by the whole world at that time. India called it “beej giant “ but the Babylonians kept its name algebra. Algebra developed by Babylonians.

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