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Allendale Christian School Parent Information Meeting May 21, 2012.

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1 Allendale Christian School Parent Information Meeting May 21, 2012

2 Vision for 2012-2013 *committed staff that will work hard to maintain a quality education for all students *committed staff dedicated to meet the needs of each individual student *collaborative team effort to reach the same end goal for all students: preparation to move on to the next grade level

3 We have looked at many different areas as we discussed the different ways that the first and second grade classrooms could be made up for next school year. *We wanted to keep class size balanced between each room. There will be 62 children in the first and second grades next year. This provides us with the opportunity to have three balanced classrooms. *We looked at the number of rooms that we have available at ACS, and it made sense to use three rooms for first and second grades. *We looked at the appropriate size of a classroom for ideal educational and academic instruction.

4 How the Combination Class will be Put Together: We will be looking at three different areas as we put the classroom together: *gender *working and learning styles *peer relationships All of the teachers, K-2, will be involved in the discussion of what is the best placement for each individual child.

5 Expectations of the Teacher The teacher should have experience. The teacher should be flexible. The teacher should be creative. It is a labor-intensive year – the teacher needs to be committed to more planning, collaborative work with others, and developing professionally throughout the year. Research shows the success of a combined classroom is not the classroom itself but the teacher and the environment she creates.

6 COMMUNITY The combined classroom will have its own identity, its own sense of community. There will be a class atmosphere unique to that room, with unique school routines and devotions. There will be security in the room as their room, as well as a unified community of learners.

7 Academics  Research has shown that there is the same academic results if a child is in a single classroom or a combined classroom.  There is a greater opportunity to use alternate methods of learning.  Learning in a mixed-age group of kids gives more extended time with a single teacher.

8 Curriculum Foundational subjects are subjects that build on each other from year to year:  Math: Four academic groupings, two for each grade level. These small groups will meet in four areas: one- on-one small group with the teacher for direct instruction; hands-on activities; application of the lesson taught; fact review.  Reading: readers will be leveled according to their ability level; classroom library reading; Daily 5 activities.

9  Spelling: will be done individually. For first grade, sight words will be used for the first part of the year. After Christmas, words and patterns from the Houghton Mifflin reading program will be used. For second grade, spelling words and phonic patterns will be from the Houghton Mifflin reading program. There will be a consistent Monday –Friday pattern that is followed each week. Each child will have a spelling packet/book made by the teacher.  Writing/Language Arts: Mini-lessons will be taught whole group, as well as writing activities and writing themes throughout the year. Writing Workshop, as well as journaling, will be used with all of the children. The expectations of the writing will be different for all children. Once again, we want them to be successful at their ability level.

10  Bible: based on building the truths of the Bible. The first half of the year will be the study of the Old Testament. The second half of the year will be the study of the New Testament. Most Bible Memory verses will be different than the first and second grade classrooms.  Social Studies: will be done as a whole group. The curriculum for first and second grade aligns well with each other to do this. This subject area will be project based, allowing different expectations for different children across the whole classroom. This also allows a child to be involved in an area that interests them.

11  Science: will be done in a looping fashion. All of the classes will participate in the 2 nd grade Battle Creek Science Curriculum for instruction in 2012-13, and we will all participate in the 1 st grade Battle Creek Science Curriculum for instruction in 2013-14.  Handwriting: will be done by grade level. First graders will practice printing, especially in everyday writing. Second graders will review printing for the first half of the year, and begin cursive after Christmas.  Testing: For Reading, Dibels, running records, Leveled Readers, and Accelerated Reader will be used for testing, as well as teacher observation. For Math, unit tests in the Math curriculum will be used, as well as Delta Math and teacher informal observations.

12 Field Trips Field Trips will be done with our own class. If the first and second grades are planning a field trip together, we will participate with them as well. One opportunity may be a Science field trip since we will all be doing the same curriculum.

13 Specials: All specials will be done as our class. This includes Spanish, PE, Music, Library, Computer, and Art. These teachers have been consulted and are on board with this decision.

14 Group Learning  Groups will be fluid and heterogeneous.  Groups will work with different peers based on interests.  Grouping strategies will be put in place to encourage cooperation and assistance.  Cooperative learning strategies will be used to promote positive and healthy interactions.  Centers and themed units will be used in various ways.  Ability grouping is not always the focus.

15 Integration  Theme-approach: learning activities and sequences that serve multiple purposes.  Flexible groupings: grouped across grades according to NEED, which can provide for unique programming.  Younger students are NOT overwhelmed; older students are NOT under challenged.

16 Self-Esteem and Social Development Working with different ages have a positive impact on kids. The children become a unified community of learners. They work together and help each other, regardless of age, gender, grade or ability. The physical environment created helps kids to feel safe and that they have a place to go. 2 nd graders model appropriate behavior and work habits. Mixed age and/or ability interactions among students is conducive to : Spurring cognitive growth Developing language skills Enhancing vocabulary development

17 Peer Assistance o The older children in the class will be just as academically challenged as the younger kids. o Older children will be given the opportunity to teach and learn. o Independence is gained by all students in learning. o Efficiency is gained by all students in learning.

18 Positives of a Combined Classroom: 1.Chronological age and mental age do not always correspond. 2.All students work at different developmental levels. 3.Age and achievement differences are accepted as normal by children. 4.A combined classroom provides for integrated curriculum. 5.A diversified classroom is exciting! 6.There are positive student attitudes and behaviors. 7.The children experience combined learning opportunities every day: plays, teams, church, neighborhoods, families. School is just an extension of that. 8.This room will provide an excellent way of teaching to each child’s gifts and abilities.

19 Two things that I am still working on: A name for the room! It has been called a split class (NO!), a multi-aged class room (NO!), a multi-grade classroom (NO!), a combined classroom, a dual-age classroom, a family grouping. I want the name of the classroom to be a positive for the kids, the families, the school and myself. We will meet again as a combined classroom family before school starts to review and gain confidence before the school year starts.

20 God will provide all that we need to make this a positive school year for all students at ACS. Please pray for HIS guidance and strength as we move forward to provide the best educational opportunities for all of our students.

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