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Introduction to Social Media October 28, 2010 Green County High School Vickie Buckman.

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1 Introduction to Social Media October 28, 2010 Green County High School Vickie Buckman

2 Social Media According to WikiPedia, social media: are media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques uses web-based technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogues allows the creation and exchange of user- generated content Source:

3 Are you on Facebook? Do you Tweet? Subscribe to RSS Feeds? Share videos on YouTube? Are YOU Connected?

4 Social Media Tools Skype Blogs Microblogs RSS Feeds Photo Sharing Video Sharing Podcasting Bookmarking Social Networking

5 SKYPE Free! Video Conferences Cell Phones Instant Messenger Conference Calling

6 SKYPE Video

7 Blogs A blog is a website where entries or posts are listed in chronological order. Blogs commonly allow for readers to provide comments which are posted along with the original entry. Source:

8 Microblogs Microblogging is a form of blogging where users provide brief period updates Often on a frequent basis throughout the day Twitter is a Microblogging tool. Microbloggers can submit their updates via the web itself or text messages, instant message, or even email. Source:

9 RSS Feeds Really Simple Syndication RSS is a syndication format that allows websites and blogs to distribute their updated, dynamic content as feeds to users Instead of having to visit the website, users sign up for the feed provided by the website or blog Using an RSS reader or aggregator (like Google Reader) access the feed. Sign up for as many feeds from different websites as desired and then access and manage those feeds all at once using their RSS reader Source: media-tools-101/#Microblogs#ixzz12nNC7ij5 media-tools-101/#Microblogs#ixzz12nNC7ij5

10 Photo Sharing Photo sharing tools allow users to upload and post their photographs online to share them with other users. Source:


12 Video Sharing Allows users to upload and share videos to video sharing website such as Youtube Other users can –Watch the videos –Comment –Share them with other users –Embed them on their own websites and blogs

13 Podcasting Digital audio that is distributed via the Internet for playback on a user’s computer or portable media device – a mp3 player such as an iPod Source:

14 Bookmarking Social bookmarking allows web users to save, organize and share their bookmarks of web pages on the Internet Great way to share links for group projects and/or competitive events Source:

15 Social Networking Social networking services are websites that allow online users to connect and share information with other online users –Facebook & MySpace most popular Increasingly used by businesses to promote products and services

16 Wikis Collaborative website Allows users to contribute to and edit the content Wikipedia is a well- known wiki Wikifarms host multiple wikis and provide tools for users to create their own wikis

17 Educational Wikis

18 Questions? If you have questions or comments, please email me at –Or…search for me on Facebook –Or…follow me on Twitter –Or…skype me –Or…call or “snail” mail me! Green County High School 302 Brummal Avenue Greensburg, KY 42743 270-932-7481

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