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Staging Your Home: Why a Well-Staged Home Sells Faster.

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1 Staging Your Home: Why a Well-Staged Home Sells Faster

2 Staging Your Home: Why a Well-Staged Home Sells Faster Most homes can't sell themselves, and in fact if you don't do something to help them you can actually hurt your chances of making a successful sale. Staging your home for saleStaging your home for sale can make a big difference. Cleaning, Rearranging, and Strategic Planning you can put your home in a Position to Sell faster

3 You may very much enjoy bold colors and busy patterns in your home A buyer wants a new home to be a fresh start, and they need to be able to see themselves and their belongings in it. Neutral colors are more likely to appeal to a larger audience Decorate With Neutral Colors

4 Staging a home the right way means removing your personal effects. Find a nice friend or family member who is willing to house your personal belongings, or rent a storage unit. Clearing out your own personality in the home leaves room for buyers to imagine their own in it. Remove Personal Touches And Clutter

5 Staging your home for an open house means cleaning it spotless from top to bottom. It needs to sparkle and shine before you bring anyone inside. You don't want to leave a single area untouched, because dirt and dust in a home puts prospective buyers off of purchasing it. Hiring professional cleaners is an important step to effectively staging your home for sale. Professional Cleaners

6 Rearrange Furniture Moving the furniture in your home to improve the flow is a great way to make it more appealing for buyers. You can move your existing furniture around, or even bring in new pieces that accentuate certain features better Furniture arrangement is very important to effective staging. Staging home is what every professional does when selling home, and it is how to sell your home by owner to sell your home


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