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Human Trafficking. Human trafficking  Human trafficking is a gross violation of Human Rights.  Human Trafficking involves the movement of people within.

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1 Human Trafficking


3 Human trafficking  Human trafficking is a gross violation of Human Rights.  Human Trafficking involves the movement of people within and across borders through the use of deception, coercion or force.  People who participate in the criminal activity of Human trafficking are motivated by the ongoing exploitation of their victims in a crime that is often difficult to identify.  It is estimated that Human trafficking takes in profits as high as $36 Billion every year.  Human Trafficking is the third most profitable crime after illicit drug and arm trafficking.

4 There are more slaves in the world today than ever before in history  80% of slaves are under the age of 24.  Children are sold for between $7000- $14000 to become suicide bombers in countries where the average annual income is $2600 a year.  Babies are sold on the black market.


6 Human Trafficking  Females make up more than half the number of exploited victims of Human Trafficking world wide.  Most victims of sex trafficking are women and girls who make up 98% of the world’s sexually exploited.  Males make up 60% of those who are exploited for labour purposes.  No country is exempt from the crime of Human trafficking and women, children and men across all religions and ethnicities are being exploited.  In most regions 80% of human trafficking involves sexual exploitation and the remaining 20% involve labour exploitation.

7 Sexual Exploitation -Sex traffickers prey on the economic and psychological vulnerability of victims and their families. - Victims are forced to work illegally in the sex trade industry against their will. -It is very common for victims of sex trafficking to be physically and emotionally abused. -Criminals who traffic people for the purposes of sexual exploitation generate $99 billion dollars in illegal profits each year. -In most regions 80% of human trafficking involves sexual exploitation.

8 Forced Marriages  “A forced marriage is when a person gets married without freely and fully consenting, because they have been coerced, threatened or deceived” (Attorney General’s Department, 2015).  Young women and girls are particularly vulnerable to forced marriages.  Globally, there are approximately 14 million girls who are forced into marriages each year, with some girls being as young as 8 and 9 (Human Rights Watch, 2015).  In Australia, there have been reported cases of young Australian citizens being forced into marriages overseas.  There are no reliable estimates on the prevalence of forced marriages in Australia as cases often go undetected due to under reporting and further research is needed in order to detect, track & monitor those who are at risk..

9 Forced Marriages. SIGNS THAT SOMEONE MAY BE AT RISK Education Family History Police Involvement Health Employment -Not allowed to work -Subject to financial control -Leaving work accompanied - Depression -Isolation -Self Harm -Early unwanted pregnancy -Genital Mutilation - Sibling forced to marry - Early Marriage of siblings -Domestic violence -Running away from home - Is always accompanied and never allowed to be alone -Victim or other siblings within the family reported missing ƒ -Reports of domestic abuse, harassment or breaches of the peace -Surveillance by siblings -or cousins -Not allowed to attend extracurricular activities -Prevented from going to Higher Education -Absence and persistent absence


11 Labour Trafficking  Bonded Labour - When labour is demanded by means of repayment for a loan or a service. - The value of their work is often greater than the sum that is “owed”. - Bonded labour is the most widely used method of enslaving people.  Forced Labour - Threats of violence and punishment is used to force victims to work against their own will. - Examples of forced labour include: begging, domestic servitude, food service, agricultural labour, other service industry labour, sweatshop factory labour and janitorial work.  Child Labour - An estimated 246 million children from the age of 5 - 17 are exploited for labour purposes. - Child labour is any form of work that is likely to be hazardous to a child’s ability to develop physically, mentally, socially, morally, emotionally, spiritually. - Examples of Child labour include: the illegal drug trade, debt bondage, forced military recruitment, the illegal arms trade, prostitution, pornography and other illicit activities.

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13 Where is our food coming from? -There is slave labour in Australia. -Some of the food that we eat is picked and packed by exploited labour. -Workers are often under paid and exploited by labour hire companies. -The demand for cheaper products by big business is an incentive for people to cut costs on labour. It by no means justifies this practice.


15 BV_n7vd_6ICsDdmQPTSUzS0oYJcJ_PCs&index=3 -The FAIR TRADE logo is attached to products that are certified to ensure that people who grow or produce products are given a fair price for their goods and labour. -You can support this program by buying products that are Fair Trade certified. -Follow the hyperlink below to learn more about the Fair Trade movement.

16 Stay informed   ources_for_education/secondary_lesson_plans_activity_she ets/trafficking_lesson_plan_and_activity_sheets.aspx ources_for_education/secondary_lesson_plans_activity_she ets/trafficking_lesson_plan_and_activity_sheets.aspx  The following websites offer many resources for staying informed about Human Trafficking and offer ways of helping in the fight to end Human Slavery.

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