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Relationships – Chapter 12 Facing Change Essential Question: How do change and crises affect the lifestyle of a family?

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1 Relationships – Chapter 12 Facing Change Essential Question: How do change and crises affect the lifestyle of a family?

2 CHANGES AFFECT LIFESTYLE A New Home A New Family Member A Job Change Baby born or adopted Remarriage Step children/siblings Grandparent moving in Leaving old friends Making new friends Changing schools Learning a new neighborhood Advancement Unemployment Shift change Adjustment takes time Keep a positive attitude Compromise Seek counseling if needed

3 Divorce  Trouble often causes _______________ ________________  Teens may feel caught in the ______________. Don’t take sides.  Some spend less time together to _______________ _______________  Some ______________ first  All family members must make _______________________________  _________ and _________ can be more limited for teens when parents _____________________ Sources of Help: An event that has a great effect on a person’s life Increased conflict middle avoid conflict adjustments Time money divorce Marriage counselor Lawyer Family counselor (for children) separate

4 Family Violence Dysfunctional Families – -Do not _______________the way they should -Do not provide _________________ and _______________________ for each other -Do not __________________________ openly -Fail to meet one another’s’ ________________ -Dysfunction in some families leads to __________________________ Physical Abuse- -The injury of one family member by ______________________ -Can occur between ____________, ____________, or parents and children. Sexual Abuse – -Forcing a family member to perform __________________________ acts. function love support communicate violence needs another Parents siblings sex

5 Family Violence (continued) Physical Neglect – -Failure to provide proper _____________, _______________, _____________, ________________ ______________ and/or ___________________ Emotional Abuse- -Purposely harming the _____________ of a family member Neglect – -Not attending to the _____________ of family members. Emotional Neglect- -Ignoring the need for ______________ and _____________________ _________________ Sources of Help: Family members must deal with the problems that lead to the crisis. Self-concept needs food clothing shelter medical care supervision love support Teachers, doctors, police, religious leaders, counseling.

6 Sources of Help: Alcoholism Teens with alcoholic parents may: -Try to _____________the problem -Make _________ for ______________ -Avoid bringing _______________ home -Feel ________________________ -May not do well __________________ Parents who are alcoholics may: -Be unable to hold a ______. -Be ___________________. -Have ______________ problems. is a ________________. When one family member is an alcoholic, all family members are affected. disease hide excuses parents friends embarassed in school job stressed financial Al-a-teen – an organization that helps teens deal with parents’ alcoholism. They are listed in the phone book.

7 Grief involves a range of feelings: 1. ________________(miss the person) 2. ____________ (fear of their own death) 3. _______ (at the deceased for leaving them, at the unfairness of death) 4. _____________ (for not spending more time with them) Death May include physical symptoms: (These fade over time.) Families react in different ways: -May grow _______________ -May have trouble coping, and then _____________ ______________ The viewing and funeral help with acceptance. Loneliness Fear Anger Regret closer grow apart Fatigue Loss of appetite Sleeplessness Headaches

8 Caused by: 1. _______________________ 2. Inability to cope with ____________ 3. Cannot live up to the ________________ of others. 4. Feel lack of support from _____________ and ____________________ Suicide Survivors: May blame _________________ May feel they could have _______________________ it. Most people who attempt suicide do not really want ___ _______. It is a plea for _________. Teenage suicide is a growing problem. Depression stress expectations friends family themselves prevented to diehelp

9 Warning Signs of Suicide Changes in daily habits – eating, sleeping, studying, working, etc. Verbal warnings – “I hate my life,” “You won’t see me around much longer” Personality changes such as feelings of worthlessness and depression Withdrawal from family and friends Dependence on alcohol or drugs Lack of interest in favorite activities Neglect of personal appearance Moody behavior Frequent talk of problems, death, or suicide Tendency to give away cherished possessions Suicide attempts Sources of help: -Tell someone! -Most cities have counseling/hotlines

10 Sources of Help: Running Away It is dangerous: They often become victims of ______________. They can’t afford ___________ or ___________________. They can’t get good ________. They turn to _________ in order to survive. Reasons: 1. Parents ___________________________. 2. To get parents’ _____________________. 3. Do not get along with ________________. 4. _________________ kick them out attention parents Abuse crimes food shelter jobs crime Family Services (county) Schools Churches Hotline

11 To review the terms in this chapter, complete the Crisis Puzzle.

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