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Accommodation Product

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1 Accommodation Product
Chapter 3. Accommodation Product

2 Accommodation Product
Main product of the hotel Consists of a room, facilities and services Front office employees must know all details

3 Hotel Rooms Classification
By number and size of beds Décor, room size and view Location and type of guests Pg. 31 The Accommodation product of King’s Hotel!

4 Number and Size of Beds Type of Room Type of Bed Single Room
1 Single Bed Twin Room 2 Single Beds Double Room 1 Double Bed Suite 1 or more larger beds

5 Bed Sizes

6 Suite Types Suite – a type of hotel room which has two distinctive areas: one for sleeping and one lounge area. 1 Room Suite – Junior Suite 1-Bedroom Suite (living room and bedroom) 2 (and more)-Bedroom Suite Presidential Suite

7 Suite Types Hotel Plaza Athenee Paris, Junior Suite

8 Suite Types Raffles Dubai Landmark Suite Floor Plan

9 Suite Types Raffles Dubai Royal Suite Floor Plan

10 Suite Types Raffles Dubai Landmark Suite & Royal Suite

11 Other Room Types By Size, Décor, View: Standard Superior Deluxe
By Function: Adjoining Executive Level Adjoining Rooms

12 Executive Level Separate floors in the hotel providing extra services for business guests. These services may include: Check-in / check-out at executive floors Meeting facilities Executive lounge with F&B services Free use of Internet & IT equipment Business / working areas in hotel rooms

13 Executive Level Marriott Hotel Amsterdam Executive Lounge

14 Class Activity Pg. 34 – Activity 2 (a), (b)

15 Room Rates Rack Rate Corporate Rate Commercial Rate Airline Rate
Children’s Rate Group Rate Frequent Traveller Rate Complimentary Rate

16 Types of Visitors Domestic Tourist FIT – Free Independent Traveller
GIT – Group Inclusive Tourist SIT – Special Interest Tours Individual Business Traveller Corporate Business Traveller Trade Delegates / Conference Participants

17 Classwork Work with your partner and review and discuss the questions below: Activity 1 – 8, Pg. 42 – 43 Review chapter 4 The Front Office Department and read the Case Study: Accommodation Management: You must be joking! Pg

18 References Raffles Dubai. (2013). Royal Suite. Retrieved from Raffles Dubai. (2013). Landmark Suite. Retrieved from suites/ Dorchester Collection. (2013). Hotel Plaza Athenee, Junior Suite. Retrieved from Marriott. (2013). Hotel Amsterdam City Centre. Retrieved from amsterdam-marriott-hotel/

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