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ISIS MALIGNANI Cervignano del Friuli-ITALY School,industry and territory.

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1 ISIS MALIGNANI Cervignano del Friuli-ITALY School,industry and territory

2 Istituto tecnico industriale: a dynamic school working for the territory

3 Alternation of school with work Educational opportunity to relate school and echonomic world A path to develop and strengthen professional and general skills

4 Some firms we cooperate with Danieli Off Mecc ABS INDE Ralc Italia Instalmec Aussafer 2 Cimolai Metalinox VEM Emmevidue Cantieri Marina SG Cranchi Cadoro Metalservice Micra Caffaro Spin (Bracco) NSguassero Europolimeri Consorzio Depuraz Laguna ASS N.5 ARPA Parmalat Birreria Castello Artenius Bipan Polysystems Danieli automation T&T Wolkswagen Breggion RALC IKON Netwave Siemens Microchip (academic partner) GS Sicurezza SACEI impianti fotovoltaici ATE Energy

5 A few figures Every year more than 200 students attend voluntary summer stages in more than 50 firms of our territory

6 In DANIELI & C. SpA Buttrio INTESA Project with Danieli Group

7 Classe V Mechanics at ABS spa in Cargnacco

8 Project Area At IN.DE. SpA di Pradamano

9 Automation system with PLC Stage in Danieli automation IV Class Electronics

10 Protocollo di intesa con Study of a protocol to monitor air in in-door environments Zona Monitorata per Analisi Ambientale V CHIMICA

11 Monitoring features Data Processing System Outside microclimate sampling Agar plate with molds and yeasts

12 Progetto SIGMA Cooperation with Europolimeri to define training paths on Security and Quality to certify competences

13 Projects In ISIS Malignani there are four Departments (Chemistry,Electronics,Informatics and Mechanics) Some of their Projects are presented in the following slides

14 Sun to our grandparents Crosscurricular Project V Electronics – IV Mechanics to plan a photovoltaic plant Partner of the project COOP Cooperative Nord-est Comune of Cervignano OCEM systems of Staranzano

15 Inauguration - february 2011 Cervignano Nursing Home Pio Sarcinelli

16 Realization of an Electric Car Classe 3 Mecc A

17 Chemistry Department of I.S.I.S. Malignani SCHOOL ON THE RIVER Monitoring of surface waters of FVG Region

18 Tagliamento River 5th may 2011 XII edition

19 Lichens Project as bioindicators and bioaccumulators of heavy metals: mapping of Bassa friulana territory Air pollution impact on monuments Miramare Castle-Trieste Collaborazione con CNR-ISBAT Bologna Chemistry Department of I.S.I.S. Malignani

20 Soil pollution with hexavalent Chromium : use of Globe protocols and investigation on simulated contamination Chemistry Department of I.S.I.S. Malignani in collaborazione con Dipartimento Scienze Agrarie e Ambientali Università di Udine

21 Earth Day Since 2011 the Earths Day is celebrated by means of an exhibition including different GLOBE activities (like soil analysis, aerosols measuraments and land cover) and other experiences prepared at school or by experts.

22 la carta amica dellambiente produzione di carta al 100% da alghe spiaggiate (Poseidonia oceanica) Concorso Impresa in azione presenta

23 Translation:Impresa in azione Competition presents The environmental friendly paper production of paper 100% from beached algae (Poseidonia oceanica )


25 winner of National Competition as Best enterprise Milan 8-10 june 2010 winner Innovation Award european finals Cagliari 21-24 july 2010 (5 th Chemistry)

26 Recent developements of school-net activities Progetto Giovani Convention with three municipalities: Cervignano, San Giorgio, Torviscosa to realize environmental paths with local schools

27 Territory and biodiversity Convention between ISIS Malignani and ERSA ERSAGRICOLA CORPO FORESTALE ENTE TUTELA PESCA aimed to develop laboratory educational activities to strengthen technical and scientific competences starting from primary school

28 Internazional Nets Country coordinating School in Italy for Globe Teachers training courses at national and internazional evel

29 Internazional Projects Comenius Garden of Eden Minerva Free your river Comenius Act for rivers Comenius Scriviamo la nostra storia Comenius Students Climate Research Campaign

30 SCRC Comenius (GLOBE) This project is underway and its last meeting is held here in Latvia Previous meeting were held in Slavonski Brod, Kishkunhalas, Amsterdam and Paderborn Two studies are carried on at the same time: phenology and aerosol measurements

31 phenology In this project four plants were identified and their green-down was followed as well as the green-up of two others ( Acer and Quercus).

32 aerosol The 4th and 5th class of Chemistry Branch daily take measurements of AOT with a sun-photometer and work out values into graphics


34 Agri-knows Interreg It is a research project just started in cooperation with experts working in research and education field in Udine University and Nuova Goriza University. related to agricultural sector and to the problem of environmental pollution.

35 CONCLUSION Its evident that our school, while providing solid technical education, is engaged in the environmental field, having the objective to inspire students to be aware of their role in protecting their home: the earth

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