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Italian vs. American fashion

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1 Italian vs. American fashion
Mason Cho

2 U.S.A brand una GAP-an Americano company founded in 1969 by Doris and Donald Fisher. Le famiglia is still deeply involved in the company and collectively owns most of its stock. GAP vende la felpa e la magliette. I vestiti sono di tutti colori.

3 Lei indossa la gonna grigia.


5 Americano brand due Aeropostale-one of my favorite brands Aeropostale was founded in maintains control over its proprietory brands by desighning sourcing and marketing its own merchandise. Aeropostale vende le t-shirts e i jeans. I vestiti blu, bianchi, e neri.


7 Italiano brand una Gucci-an Italiano brand founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence Gucci is the best selling Italian brand and operated 278 stores worldwide (as of 2009). Gucci vende la borse e la giacce di cuoio. I vestiti e neri, beige, etc.

8 La borsa è di pelle e la borsa è nera


10 Italiano brand due Fendi-fendi was launched in 1925 by Edoardo and Adele Fendi in Rome. Today the company is a luxury merchandise company directed by Karl Lagerfeild. Fendi vende la borsa e la cintura. I vestiti e molto costosi.


12 So what’s the Difference
Size-Italiano e Americano sizes vary greatly. Price-although different stores have different prices, most clothes cost more because Italia enjoys high fashion. You also must remember that one euro isn’t one dollar. Casual vs. formal-italia tends to have higher standards for casual wear than America.

13 And Similarities? Both countries have a fashion city: New York and Milan are both world renowned fashion capitals. Both countries have a similar idea about what is formal (although casual wear in Italia is much more formal than in the states).

14 My Favorite Although I enjoy both countries’ fashion I feel that in America trends can be inappropriate (short skirts, shorts, etc.). In Italy however casual wear tends to be more elegente rather than inappropriate. So I guess I like Italian fashion better than American.

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