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Japan and the Meiji Restoration Japan becomes a National Power.

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1 Japan and the Meiji Restoration Japan becomes a National Power

2 Tokugawa Isolation Prior to the arrival of Matthew Perry of the U.S. in 1854 Japan had been isolated for 200 years. In 1500’s Europeans had tried to trade with Japan however the Shoguns had gained control of Japan and banned contact with almost the entire outside world.

3 Japanese Isolation Japan had built an highly ethnocentric society Japanese were not allowed to travel outside the nation Foreigners were not allowed inside the nation By the 19 th Century The U.S. and Europe were looking for markets were ever they could find them and they turned to Japan

4 Commodore Matthew Perry In 1854 Perry gave Japan a letter asking them to open trade with the U.S. Americans and Europeans wanted to not only open trade with Japan but also use Japanese ports to repair and resupply their ships.

5 Treaty of Kanagawa The Japanese shoguns were impressed by the American show of force. Japan agreed to open its ports and signed the Treaty of Kanagawa. The Treaty gave trading rights to the U.S. and soon other countries like Britain, France and Russia also gained trading rights.

6 Treaty of Kanagawa The Treaty had a powerful impact on Japan. It weakened the power of the shogun who some Japanese felt had given in to foreigners. It showed that for for Japan to compete with the west that Japan had to modernize and industrialize. The Japanese rebelled against and overthrew the Shogun, restored the emperor, and began to modernize and industrialize.

7 The Meiji Restoration In 1867 the samurai led the rebellion to remove the Tokugawa shogun from power. In 1868 the emperor was established as the leader of Japan. The period from 1868 to 1912 is known as the Meiji Restoration. Meiji means “enlightened one”

8 Modernization and Industrialization Once the Emperor was in place he began to make changes to Japan that would make Japan a world power.

9 Modernization and Industrialization Borrowing from the West The emperor sent advisors and government officials to western nations to study government, economics, technology, and customs. Foreign experts were also invited to Japan.

10 Modernization and Industrialization Economics The Meiji government used western methods and machinery to industrialize Japan. The government built factories and then sold them to wealthy Japanese businessmen, know as zaibatsu. The government developed a banking system. The government built ports and railroads By 1890 the economy was strong, the population had grown, and peasants moved to the cities looking for jobs.

11 Modernization and Industrialization Government The Meiji wanted a strong central government and used Germany as their model. The Meiji liked the strength of the Germany’s constitution and that the government was run by only a few select men.

12 Modernization and Industrialization Military Samurai are no longer the only warriors in Japan. Japan admired the discipline of the German army and the skill of the British navy. All men must join the military Japan modernizes its navy Japan develops a strong army and navy and defeats European powers in warfare.

13 Japan as a Global Power By 1894 Japan had transformed itself into a major world power. Japan used its military strength to become imperialistic. Japan became imperialistic looking for colonies for raw materials and new markets. Japan found these colonies through warfare.

14 Japan as a Global Power Sino-Japanese War 1894-1895 Japan tries to expand into Korea. China goes to war with Japan over Korea. Japan quickly wins the war Japan gets Taiwan, ports in China, and Korea becomes a protectorate of Japan.

15 Japan as a Global Power Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905 Both Japan and Russia have interest in Korea. Russia refuses to recognize Japan’s rights to Korea. Japan launches a surprise attack against the Russians destroying the Russian navy and driving the Russian troops out of Korea. Russia is forced to withdraw from Korea Japan is seen as a major military power with the defeat of a European nation

16 Japan as a Global Power Dependence on a World Market Japan’s economy depended on trade. It needed new markets. Japan is an island and lack many of the natural resources to keep their industrialization alive. For Japan to compete with the world market Japan would have to continue to be imperialistic.

17 Japan as a Global Power Results of Imperialistic Japan Japan borrowed many western ideas to become a modern and industrialized nation. Japan quickly establishes itself as a strong military power. Japan needs to continue to colonize to keep raw materials coming in and finished products going out of the country. Japan is truly the only country that needs to colonize because they lack raw materials

18 Japan’s Industrial Revolution v Europe’s Industrial Rev Japan Japan’s Ind. Rev only took about 30 years because they borrowed everything Private corporations- Wealthy class Urbanization Need for raw materials Europe Europe’s industrial Rev. a century because they had to invent everything Private Corporations- Wealthy class Urbanization Need for raw materials

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