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Jean Claude Rodríguez-Ferrera M. Director The CAF Model.

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1 Jean Claude Rodríguez-Ferrera M. Director The CAF Model

2 I NTEGRATIONAL M ODELS FOR LOW INCOME PEOPLE SHOULD BE BASED IN Economic and emotional integration 2. Multicultural relational networks 3. Individual motivation to get together/ useful services 4. Exponential integration 5. Companies participation 6. Low income people as main actors

3 T HE CAF M ODEL Members manage the organisation: they are owners and customers members buy shares Members can ask for credits, insurances, employment Benefit is distributed depending on number of shares

4 C OMING TOGETHER : COMMUNITY CREDITS Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Amina: 300 Amina: 103 Luis: 200 Luis: 102 _ Dienaba: 300 Dienaba: 103 Amadou: 300 Amadou: 103 Karina: 100 Karina: 51 Pateh: 200 Pateh: 102 Sam: 300 Sam: 103 Capital available: 800 (20 x 40 euros) Benefits: 0 Capital available : = 408 Benefits: 8 Capital available : = 510 Benefits: 12 Capital available : = 665 Benefits: 15

5 O FFERRED SERVICES Community basedCompany based Community credits ( euros) Credits for entrepreneurs ( euros) Emergency fundsInsurances Coffee pagesFormal employment


7 CAF GRUPO DE APOYO Barrio del Raval

8 CAF AYNI Ciutat Vella

9 CAF HONDUCAT Ciutat Vella

10 R ESULTS I More than 500 CAFs in Europe, Latinamerica and Africa (22 in Barcelona) More than members from 18 nationalities working together More than microcredits, 2 % unpayment Credit average (Europe): 380 euros Annual Rendibility (Europe): 16 %

11 R ESULTS II Self-management Grass root organisations High participation Multicultural groups Formal companies participating

12 N EXT STEPS Expansion: Europe, Latm and Africa through franchise New services: housing, investment funds


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