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Human Heredity Chromosomes & Pedigrees. Karyotype x.

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1 Human Heredity Chromosomes & Pedigrees

2 Karyotype x

3 Genes located on the X and Y chromosomes are called sex-linked. Only males have the genes on the Y chromosome which boys inherit from their fathers. In males, the X chromosome must come from the mother and they only get one gene for those traits. Sex Linked Traits

4 Sex Linked Punnett 1.Use the sex chromosomes with the allele. 2.Note that female “carriers” are heterozygous. 3.Complete with genotypic & phenotypic ratios (or %)

5 Sex Linked Punnett


7 Human Inheritance: Pedigrees Pedigree – a family tree that records and traces the occurrences of a trait in a family.

8 Pedigree Symbols Unaffected Male Affected MaleAffected Female Unaffected Female


10 Pedigree Practice

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