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Now, I help you to know the wonderful landscape of.

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2 Now, I help you to know the wonderful landscape of


4 A Location Northen Italy Surface area 368 km² Max. depth 346 m Max. length 52 km Max. width 16.7 km Towns along the Lake Garda Desenzano del Garda Salò, Limone sul Garda, Sirmione … Rivers Primary inflows: Sarca Primary outflows: Mincio Other name Benaco

5 An old postcard of

6 This pretty little town is on the western of the Lake Garda. The Lake Garda is also called Benaco and it is the largest lake in Italy. It is located in Northen Italy, about half-way between Venice and Milan. It is in an alpine region and was formed by glaciers at the end of the last Ice Age. The Northen part of the Lake is narrower, surrounded by mountains.

7 The main tributary of Lake Garda is the Sarca river, while the only emissary is the Mincio river.


9 The Lake Garda has five islands, the largest is Isola del Garda. Nearby is Isola San Biagio, also known as the Isola dei Conigli Island of the Rabbits. The three smaller islands are: Isola dellOlivo Isola del Sogno Isola di Trimelone.

10 Val di Sogno and Isle of Dream of the Lake Garda.

11 Its very, very nice! In the picture there is the Torre Scaligera, in Sirmione, a small and nice town on the peninsula of Gardas Lake.

12 The ancient fortified town of Sirmione, located on the south of the lake, is one particolarly wonderful destination, home to Virgilio and Catullo spa Complexes. The picturesque Scaliger Castle dates from the 13th century. The Roman poet Catullus had a villa here, and visitors can see the ruined Roman spa named the Grotte di Catullo.


14 MODULE 3 and MODULE 4 Sport and free time on the Garda Lake MODULE 3 and MODULE 4 Sport and free time on the Garda Lake History and Society Come with us, we are going to sail on Gardas Lake waters … Hello, hello everybody! Im Mike.

15 On the Garda Lake there are many opportunities to parctise a sport activity. The lovers of sail and windsurf can find optimal conditions, thanks to the constant winds that blow during all the year. There are other sport: mountain-bike, golf courses, tennis, canoe, waterski, free-climbing, diving. To spend a relaxing day there are natural parks and amusement parks. Garda Lake

16 Mild climate, Mediterranean vegetation, periodical winds, coastal towns full of fascination and history, villas, parks, castles, churches, monuments, amusement parks, typical cookery with fish and oil of the lake, sport and walking tours: you can find all these things on the Garda Lake!


18 Gardaland is the third most popular theme park in Europe. It is in Castelnuovo del Garda, near Lake Garda. Blue Tornado in Gardaland




22 Lavoro realizzato dagli alunni Adamo, Luca, Marina, Martina, Ilaria, Sara, Laura - della classe IV A della Scuola Primaria di via Fiume - con laiuto delle insegnanti Arvati Adriana e Maria Cosentino Montaggio a cura dell Ins. Maria Cosentino Vimodrone – Maggio 2009

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