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Goal 1.03: Practice Interpersonal skills.

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1 Goal 1.03: Practice Interpersonal skills.

2 Relationships the connections you have with other people
skills used in communicating with people

3 Relationships vary as follows:
degree of closeness- close or casual- parents, siblings, friends purpose- teachers, sports teams, classmates form- children, teens, elderly

4 Rewards of Relationships
companionship 2. love and affection 3. support 4. positive self-concept

5 Influences on Relationships
roles and expectations: *the wants and needs each person hopes to gain from a relationship *example: Children look to parents to take care of them

6 2. personal qualities: *values *needs *interests and abilities

7 3. self-esteem *value or importance you place on yourself *good relationships enhance your self-esteem (what people think about you has a strong effect on how you feel about yourself) *bad relationships produce low self-esteem

8 Building Strong Relationships

9 Starting a Relationship
*have something in common Maintaining a Relationship *making time for others *giving and receiving *showing tolerance

10 3. Understanding Authority:
Be courteous. Practice self-discipline. Tell the truth. Listen. Ask questions. Accept responsibility for your behavior. Talk to an adult when you have a problem.

11 Unhealthy Relationships
physical abuse controlling behavior isolation low self-esteem

12 dependence bullying dishonesty irresponsible behavior illegal activity

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