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A new approach to healthcare,

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1 A new approach to healthcare,
in Africa

2 Pesinet : introduction
Pesinet is a French non-profit, founded in September 2007 Our mission : prevent child and maternal mortality related to complications of benign children diseases Our solution : an affordable mobile health proximity service, provided by women for women of their communities Pierre

3 The idea

4 An endemic child mortality
1 child out of 5 does not reach the age of 5 in Mali HIV/AIDS Injuries Neo-natal diseases Diarrheal diseases Malaria Measles Respiratory diseases 70% 30% Mortality causes % = 80% reduction 70% des décès sont liés aux complications de pathologies bénignes Ces maladies seraient très facilement détectables avec un suivi régulier de données élémentaires Ces maladies peuvent facilement être soignées avec le personnel et les traitements disponibles localement Source WHO, data on Mali

5 The doctor is often the last solution
Conventional medicine is perceived as unaffordable ❝  Before, when our child was suffering from a benign disease, we weren’t going to the doctor and we were using auto-medication by fear to have to go to the hospital where examinations and treatments are really expensive. But with Pesinet it now becomes affordable and easy  ❞ Ms. Coulibaly Ouedrago Fanta, Pesinet subscriber Automedication and traditional medicine are common alternatives to the doctor >> Medical aberration: treatment and staff are available locally >> Economical paradox: prevention is much cheaper than late treatment

6 A unique package of healthcare services Une offre de services unique
Subscribers 1$ home school - market Weekly Check-up Heath agent - Local health center Remote medical monitoring Doctor No disease Examination Free Medication Half price ! Emergency @

7 Our funding operating principles
Provide a quick medical care thanks to an efficient use of information technologies Push for prevention and reconnect populations with healthcare structures Integrate the service within the existing healthcare eco-system to strengthen it Adopt a market-based approach to ensure sustainability of the model

8 An efficient communication approach
Status Quo Joining Pesinet constitutes a significant behavioral change “This is a preventative approach – which is normally ignored in Africa. … We do not have a culture of coming to the doctor early here” - Anne Roos-Weil, Pesinet Promotional Events Pesinet runs ~3 promotional events per year Marketing Channels Personal Interactions Door-to-Door “I think the most efficient way to market is door-to-door, but it takes time” - Anne Roos-Weil, Pesinet 100% of consumers heard about Pesinet through face-to-face interactions Consumers offered incentives for bringing in new customers Agents work close to the health center, increasing visibility and familiarity Service is highly localized (1km radius), allowing for constant physical presence and helping build consumer trust Agents market door-to-door, accompanied by consumers giving testimonies Mass Media Direct Communication Source: Interview by Monitor Group, as part of a study carried out by Gates Foundation & USAID All make use of personal testimonies and rely on a physical presence near the consumer to build trust

9 Social Impact Decrease in child mortality
Decrease in families’ healthcare spending Increased awareness of prevention Job creation and skill development Women empowerment as healthcare ambassadors in their community Anne

10 Pierre The team

11 Managing Team Three founders An active Board of Directors & Advisors
EXPERTISE: International development Social entrepreneurship Marketing Micro-enterprise & micro-finance An active Board of Directors & Advisors EXPERTISE: Healthcare Nutrition Innovation Economic development Africa Pierre

12 Management team in the field
CEO Experience in management of social projects Master in Public Administration, Sciences-Po Paris, MBA ESSEC, major in Social Entrepreneurship World finalist of the Global Social Venture Competition (University of Berkeley, 2009) Affiliate Ashoka Fellow 2010 Program Technical Assistants 2 technical assistants to support the program development and build local teams’ capacities Mix of expertise in project management, business and social and healthcare work

13 Local operational teams
IN MALI 1 program coordinator 4 health agents Local GPs of the partnering center 1 communication agent towards civil society and local populations Pierre

14 Where are we today?

15 Projet pilote à Bamako Coura
Pilot project in Bamako Coura Projet pilote à Bamako Coura 500 children subscribing to the service > 85 % collection rate of monthly fees A partnership signed with the heathcare center in Bamako Coura A partnership with the Malian Ministry of Health Official launch ceremony with the Malian Health Minister Anne

16 Already sound evidence of impact
+70% subscribers since January 2010 96% of families say they are satisfied with the service 97% of families find the service « very affordable » 78% of subscribing mothers have a low level of education 90% say they have unstable earnings 95% think that the greatest advantage is “good health follow-up and affordable cost“ Source: Evaluation carried out as part of a Phd, under the supervision of the Malian Ministry of health Subscribers’ testimonies "It makes life easier for mothers" "When the child is sick, it is taken care of" "Paying for Pesinet is cheaper than what I had to spend on health for my other children when I didn’t have Pesinet" Source: Interview by Monitor Group, as part of a study carried out by Gates Foundation & USAID

17 Partenaires et soutiens
Le comité de sélection et d’investissement d’Antropia a octroyé une bourse à Anne Roos-Weil, Directrice de l’association Pesinet, pour dédier son temps au développement de Pesinet. Antropia est une structure créée par la Chaire Entrepreneuriat Social de l’ESSEC et la Caisse d’Epargne Ile de France pour soutenir des entrepreneurs sociaux. Antropia fournit aux entrepreneurs un soutien stratégique dans l’élaboration de leur projet, son expertise, un soutien logistique (mise à disposition de bureaux), un soutien financier et des opportunités de mise en réseau. La fondation BNP Paribas a soutenu en 2009 le développement d’une version améliorée de l’applicatif technologique utilisé par Pesinet pour le suivi médical à distance et le traitement des données recueillies sur le terrain incluant un système de suivi d’impact, des modules de gestion des activités et la consolidation de données statistiques aux niveaux local, régional et national, afin d’informer les politiques publiques dans les pays d’opération. La fondation Orange Mali est un partenaire fondateur de Pesinet au Mali. La fondation a contribué au financement du fonds d’amorçage du projet pilote et s’est engagé à accompagner les déploiement futurs sur de nouveaux sites Pesinet au Mali. La fondation soutient des projets dans le domaine de la santé, de l’éducation et de la culture. Alcatel-Lucent est un partenaire fondateur de Pesinet au Mali. Le Groupe a contribué au financement du fonds d’amorçage pour la conception et la mise en oeuvre du projet pilote. L’association Pesinet a par ailleurs reçu un financement en tant que lauréat du concours « Champions du développement durable » organisé par la fondation Alcatel-Lucent. Medex est un partenaire fondateur de Pesinet au Mali. Le Groupe a fourni un soutien financier et un soutien en nature pour le déploiement du projet pilote. The company provided grant funding and in-kind donations for the pilot program.Médex est un établissement pharmaceutique de Donors & Partners Partenaires et soutiens ❝ Pesinet is among the most innovative projects with which the Malian Ministry of Health is currently collaborating, not only in its technical aspects, but also in its very concept. We are very confident that it can be replicated in all addressable Community Health Centres across Mali. ❞ Ousmane Ly, Chief Executive ANTIM National e-Health Agency- Malian Ministry of Health

18 Awards & Recognitions Referenced as an innovative program for child mortality reduction by the United Nations Development Programme Global finalist of the « Global Social Venture Competition » in 2009, organised by the University of Berkeley in California Featured by World Health Organization on the e-health pavilion at ITU Telecom World 2009, in Geneva Featured by, reference online website on innovative us of mobile technology for social impact

19 Where do we want to be tomorrow ?

20 Development plans Carry out a thorough independent evaluation of the service impact Enrich the nutrition monitoring component of the service Develop a vaccine monitoring program as part of the service health follow-up Develop a pregnancy monitoring service Anne Replicate the service in all addressable health centers in Mali and other countries suffering from high child and maternal mortality rates

21 Thank you for your attention
To know more Pour en savoir plus… Anne ROOS-WEIL Thank you for your attention

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