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Political Structures Florence and Venice in the Renaissance HI320.

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1 Political Structures Florence and Venice in the Renaissance HI320

2 How does Venetian and Florentine government evolve in the period and why? What are the sources of power and who has it? How do you achieve stable government?

3 C11-12 communal governments elected own leaders riven with conflict Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Allegory of Justice, Palazzo Pubblico, Siena, C14th

4 The Venetian Commune general assembly elects dux (doge) no feudal nobility short terms of office Great Council (Maggior Consiglio)

5 The doge Giovanni Bellini, Doge Leonardo Loredan (1501-2)

6 Serrata late C13th: limiting of guild power closing of the Great Council c hereditary status to nobles libro doro Sala del Maggior Consilio, Ducal Palace

7 cittadini class popolani excluded

8 Pyramid of Government Doge: elected for life Signoria: Doge + 6 councillors + 3 heads of the Forty (8 month term) Pien Collegio: Signoria + 16 Savi Senate (Pregadi): c. 300 (1 year term) Maggior Consilio: all adult male patricians

9 Council of Ten created 1310 after Querini Tiepolo conspiracy state security by-pass bigger councils quick, secretive, summary justice Chamber of the Council of Ten, Doges Palace

10 Florences Palazzo dei Priori (Palazzo Vecchio), 1290s

11 The Florentine Republic Signoria = 8 priors (6 month term) Gonfaloniere della giustizia 12 Buonuomini + Gonfalonieri di compagnia + Signoria = Tre Maggiori scrutiny (scrutinio)

12 The Medici Giovanni di Bicci (c ) builds fortune banker to pope Cosimo di Giovanni ( ) takes over 1420s 1433 exile 1434 triumphant return!

13 Medici power accoppiatori elections a mano use of balìa Cento council created 1458 international network peasant army patronage: parenti, amici, vicini Cosimo il vecchio de Medici

14 Piero di Cosimo the gouty ( )


16 takes over 1469 charisma, international support Golden age of culture Pazzi conspiracy 1478 Council of 70 Lorenzo di Piero the Magnificent ( )

17 Lorenzo de Medicis death mask Lorenzo dies son Piero di Lorenzo kicked out new Great Council influence of Savonarola 1502 Gonfaloniere a vita Piero Soderini


19 Giovanni di Lorenzo de Medici, later Pope Leo X (r ) 1512 Medici return 1527 Florentine Republic Clement VII (r ) 1532 Alessandro de Medici = First Duke of the Florentine Republic

20 Duke Cosimo de Medici (r )


22 Government contado vs. distretto bigger towns left to administer, judge, tax negotiation with individual communities resistance revolt of Pisa

23 Italy at the Peace of Lodi, 1454


25 Lion of St. Mark, Verona Rule by consent Degree of autonomy Renegotiation of statutes Venetian justice Elites could not join Great Council Major ecclesiastical positions for Venetians

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