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What time was it? Kristen Lippincott 29 Jan 2013.

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1 What time was it? Kristen Lippincott 29 Jan 2013


3 William Blake Urizen, 1793 Manchester, City Art Gallery

4 India (Bengal) Kali striding over the corpse of Shiva painted clay, late 19th century The British Museum India (Madurai) Krishna as the Supreme Creator and Destroyer of the Universe Gouache on canvas, late 18th century The British Library


6 Aztec Xipe Totec c. 1500, bronze Aztec Xipe Totec c. 1500, terracotta Babylonian Creation tablet 10th century BC, baked clay British Museum Fred Stevens (Grey Squirrel) The Whirling Log 1966, sand painging London, Horniman Museum

7 Bininywui Rivers, Palms and stoones 20 th century Paris, Quai Branley Unknown artist Turtle dreaming 20th century Paris, Quai Branley







14 Venus cycles of the Mayan calendar from The Dresden Codex Netsuke group of zodiac animals ivory, 9th century The British Museum

15 James Ussher, The Annals of the World deduced from the Origins of Time…, London 1658

16 Abrecht Dürer, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse c. 1497-98

17 Gustave Doré Illustrations to Dantes Paradiso, Canto 5

18 Either there is civil strife in heaven, Or else the world, too saucy with the gods, Incenses them to send destruction … For I believe, they are portentous things, Unto the climate that they point upon. Julius Caesar, Act I, scene iii Edward John Poynton The Ides of March, 1883 Manchester, City Art Gallery

19 Raphael, Crucifixion, c. 1503 London, National Gallery Gentile da Fabriano Adoration of the Magi, 1423 Florence, Gallerie degli Uffizi

20 Les Échecs amoureux Paris, BN, fr.143 fol. 20 r

21 Conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and the Moon – 6 April 2000


23 Sandro Botticelli S Augustine, c. 1480 Florence, Chiesa dellOgnissanti



26 [SLIDE] St Lambert of Omer Liber Floridus, 13th century Paris BN, lat 8865, fol. 59r

27 The heliacal (dawn) rising of Sirius ( α CMa)

28 Babylonian Creation tablet 10th century BC, baked clay The British Museum Babylonian (Ninevah) Celestial planisphere 650 BC, baked clay The British Museum

29 Macrobius, Commentarii in somnium Sciponis … Ascendant = eastern horizon mid-heaven

30 Biblia Vulgare Istoriata Venice 1471 Manchester, John Rylands Library


32 Aries Sun Paris, BN, fr 757, fol. 41r Pontificale secundum ritum sacrosanctae Romanae ecclesiae, Venice 1520

33 Vatican, BAV, Vat lat 681, fol. 96r The Hamilton Bible Berlin, Kupferstichkabinett Ms 78 E 83, fol. 96r Aries

34 Sun Bartolo di Fredi, Come Dio creò il mundo, 1367 San Gimignano, Chiesa della Collegiata

35 Aries Sun Giusto deMenabuoi Creation of the world, 1376-78 Padua, Duomo Baptistery

36 Maffiolo da Cremona, The Fourth Day of Creation, c. 1420 Milan, Duomo Pellegrino da Mariano, Creation of the World Cambridge, Fitzwilliam, Ms no 197

37 Aries Sun Giovanni di Paolo, Creation of the World and Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise, 1445 New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art

38 Pietro di Pucci da Orvieto Creation of the world, 1389-90 Pisa, Camposanto

39 St Augustine: The angels are included amongst the works of God and they are the Light, which received the word Day. St Thomas Aquinas: The order of things created by God demonstrates the unity of the universe, the universe itself being the one, united by and order following that by which everything is ordered.


41 12 hrs day night SUMMER WINTER

42 Japanese 3 0-hour Pillar clock, c. 1860 Faversham, Harris (Belmont) Charity moveable hour scale month pointer JuneDecember

43 Humfrey Cole Altitude dial, c. 1570 London, British Museum

44 12 midday 12 midnight Common hours = French hours German hours zodiac of hours 1 2 3 2 3 1

45 midday midnight Italian hours Bohemian hours Welsch hours sunset 3 2 1 23 22

46 midday midnight Babylonian hours Greek hours sunrise 1 2 3 23

47 midday midnight Nuremberg hours sunrise sunset 1 2 3 1 2 3

48 Antonio Canale Piazza S Giacometto di Rialto, 1726-30 Dresden, Gemälgegalerie XVIII I

49 midday midnight Italian hours Bohemian hours Welsch hours 3 23 22 1 sunset 2

50 William Hogarth An Election Entertainment, 1754-55 London, Sir John Soane Museum

51 Pope Gregory XVIII being addressed by the Commission for Calendar Reform July 1582-June 1583 Siena, Archivio di Stato

52 Wencelaus Hollar Father Time carrying the Pope back to Rome, c. 1641 London, British Museum This burden back to Rome, Ill beare againe, From hence it came, There let it still remaine….

53 25 March + 11 Days = 5 April

54 Muhammad al-Sakasi al-Jakarsi Quadrant with perpetual calendars AH 1308 (1891-92 AD) London British Museum

55 jan feb mar apr may jun jul aug sep oct nov dec Feast of the Circumcision stile veneto Feast of the Incarnation of Christ Easter or della Pasqua or stile francese stile bizantino Feats of the Nativity Feast of the Nativity

56 Ricordo come ogi questo dì 6 dì marzo, mi nacque un fanciulo mastio: posigli nome Michelangnolo, et nacque in lunedì matina, innanzi dì 4 o 5 ore… (nota che addì 6 marzo 1474 è alla fiorentina ab incarnatione, et alla Romana, a nativitate, è 1475.) I record that today, the 6th of March 1474, a son was born to me. I named him Micheagnolo and he was born on the Monday morning, some time between 4 and 5 hours before it … (note that this date of 6 March 1474 is given in the florentine style, or from the incarnation, which in the Roman style, calculated from the nativity, would be 1475.) birth record from Michelangelos father:

57 notice from Ascanio Condivi, Life of Michelangelo, 1553 …lanno della salute nostra 1474, il dì sesto di marzo, quattro ore inanzi giorno, in lunedì. … in the year 1474, on the 6th of March at 4 hours before the morning, on a Monday.

58 notice from Benedetto Varchis funeral oration for Michelangelo, 1564 … questo benedetto figliuolo, la domenica notte del sesto giorno di marzo, dintorno à otto hore: lanno della nostra salute mille quattrocento settantaquattro. … this blessed son was born on Sunday night of the 6th of March, around the eighth hour, in 1474.

59 from Giorgio Vasari, Lives of the Artists, 1568 edn. Naque dunque un figliuolo … lanno 1474 … il sesto dì di marzo, la domenica, intorno allotto di notte. Thus a son was born … in 1474… on the sixth day of March, a Sunday, around the eighth hour of the night.

60 father: 6 March 1474* 4 or 5 in the morning Monday Condivi: 6 March 1474 4 in the morning Monday Varchi: 6 March 1474 8th hour of the night Sunday Vasari: 6 March 1474 8th hour of the night Sunday sunset sunrise Sunday Monday eighth hour of the night midnight 4-5 hours before dawn

61 1474 = 3° 1475 = 25°

62 mar jun sept dec mar jun sept dec mar jun sept dec Feast of the Incarnation of Christ Feast of the Nativity 1474 1475 1474 1475 6 March 1474 alla fiorentina without planets conjunct 6 March 1474 alla Romana with planets conjunct



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