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When You Call 911 Emergency Medical Technicians - Paramedics.

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1 When You Call 911 Emergency Medical Technicians - Paramedics

2 Emergencies Accidents Allergic reactions Bleeding, uncontrolled Breathing difficulty Broken bones Burns Heart attack Overdose Stroke Unconsciousness

3 Emergency Medical Service Providers City or county government Fire department Hospital Private ambulance service Or a combination of the above

4 Emergency Medical Service Responders Paramedics EMT-I - Emergency Medical Technicians - Intermediate EMT - Emergency Medical Technicians - Basic ECA - Emergency Care Attendants

5 Emergency Medical Service Dispatchers Answer the 911 call Assess the situation Send help

6 Dispatcher Duties Calm the caller Get needed information about the emergency Send the Emergency Medical crew to the scene of the emergency May give the caller instructions to help stabilize the patient until help arrives

7 EMS providers respond to emergency scenes in several ways: First Responders – generally smaller, quick vehicles that can easily negotiate traffic – Equipped with basic first aid tools Ambulances – Mobile ICUs. Equipped with advanced life saving supplies and equipment. – Transports patient Aircraft – Includes fixed-wing or helicopters. – For quick and/or long distance transportation. Fire Engines – Carry equipment for heavy rescue and extrication – For example: Jaws of Life®

8 Emergency Departments In hospitals In medical facilities Medical care continues when the patient arrives at the Emergency Department

9 Features of Emergency Departments Physicians trained in Emergency Medicine Nurses trained for trauma care Support Staff Emergency Medical Technicians X-ray Technicians Respiratory Technicians Specialized trauma equipment

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