P. 378 – 386 in your book. The Middle Ages -- Review Europe years 500-1000 called the “Dark Ages” –Continuous invaders from south (Magyars) and west.


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Middle Ages A.D. Crusades (Holy Wars).

Crusades How the Crusades got started: In 1093, the Byzantine Emperor __________________________ sent an appeal to Robert, Count of Flanders asking.
Outcome: Church Reform & The Crusades. 1. Age of Faith a. Between Europe was a dark age b. Around the 900s, a new spirit invaded the church.
Church Reform and the Crusades
Chapter 14 The High Middle Ages
Middle Ages The High Middle Ages. 1/30 Focus 1/30 Focus: – The Crusades, a series of attempts to gain control of the holy lands, had profound economic,
Section 1 Church Reform and the Crusades
Get a sheet of paper and answer the following question: Can something be a success and a failure? –Explain –Any examples?
Christians vs. Muslims.    Huge expeditions that Roman Catholic Christians mounted in an effort to recapture Palestine, the land of Christian origins,
Aim: Were the Crusades one of history’s “successful failures”?
The crusades A series of attempts to gain Christian control of the Holy land.
The Crusades.
The Crusades: A Quest for the Holy Land
The Crusades in Medieval Europe
The Formation of Western Europe Section 1 Church 1._______ and the 2._______  Dark Age:3. ___ – 1000  Centers of 4.________ destroyed  900.
The Crusades.
The Crusades! Christian Holy War
THE MIDDLE AGES. Aka the Medieval Period Lasted from 5 th to 15 th centuries Began with the fall of the Western Roman Empire to Germanic tribes Ended.
Chapter 18-2 The Crusades
Europe: Rule, Religion, and Conflict
Section I: The Crusades Begin (Pages ) This section is about: This section is about: The religious and political reasons for the Crusades. The.
Chapter 9-10: Separation of the Churches, Crusades, Feudalism, and the Fall of Constantinople Sisley Yan Period 4.
The Crusades Chapter 5 Sec. 1 Causes of the Crusades The Seljuk Turks gained control pf Palestine. –T–They threatened the Byzantine Empire and they asked.
The Crusades 1. Background 600s – Muslims take control of Palestine Christians & Jews allowed to practice own religion This changes during the.
The Crusades Mr. Ermer World History Miami Beach Senior High.
The Crusades The Fight for the Holy land. Causes of the Crusades The Pope –Wanted to reunite with Byzantine Empire (Eastern Orthodox) –Wanted to show.
A Quest for the Holy Land The Crusades were a series of attempts to gain Christian control of the Holy Land, had a profound economic, political, and social.
The Crusades OVERVIEW: Crusades were religious wars between Christians and Muslims Lasted for 200 years Seljuk Turks had the city of Jerusalem.
THE CRUSADES “Holy Wars”. Question How is it that normal, reasonable humans living during the Middle Ages, could become such evil, monsters during the.
The Crusades l Christians during the Middle Ages regarded Palestine as the Holy Land. l Due to the pleadings of the Byzantine Empire and tales of persecutions.
Late Middle Ages.  WHI12.b: demonstrate knowledge of social, economic, and political changes and cultural achievements in the late medieval period by.
Byzantine Empire Christian church became known as Eastern Orthodox Church Eastern (Greek) Orthodox Church.
What were the Crusades? A holy war carried out by Christian political and religious leaders to take control of the Holy land from the Muslims. Crusades.
The Crusades! Christian Holy War Copyright © Clara Kim All rights reserved.
MIDDLE AGES.  Most Powerful and influential Institution during Middle Ages  Brought Order & Unity  Functions: 1. Religious- Excommunication 2. Political-
The Crusades. The Pope Calls for a Crusade 1.The Saljuq Turks, a warlike group from Central Asia who became Muslims, conquered Palestine and threatened.
The Catholic Church undergoes reform and launches Crusades against Muslims.
“Das Vault” God Wills it
The Crusades. Byzantine Empire was under attack by Muslins in 1093 and Sought Help from Western Europe Pope Urban II launched the Crusades in 1095 He.
The Crusades AD s.
In 1095, Pope Urban II called for the Crusades Why? 1) Recapture the Holy Land from the Seljuk Turks.
 Bellwork: Please take out your notebook and a pen or a pencil.  Want to volunteer for Current Event?  Food Drive items?
Church Reform and the Crusades Objectives: 1. Explain the spiritual revival and Church reforms that began in the 11 th century. 2. Describe the Gothic.
Aim: Were the Crusades one of history’s successful failures?
The Crusades AD s.
The Crusades ’s. Conditions that made the Crusades possible for the Europeans The beginning of the Reconquista by the Spanish nobles The Byzantine.
A Quest for the Holy Land
The Crusades. The many kingdoms of Europe were struggling to form their own political identities, but remained united in their Christian faith The Crusades.
Middle Ages – The Crusades “God Wills It!”. Introduction “Crusades” were military expeditions sent by the Pope to capture the Holy Land from people called.
The Middle ages Outcome: The Crusades.
The Crusades. Background Crusades = military expeditions sent by the pope to capture the Holy Land from the Muslim Turks. The empire of the Turks included.
Key events of Crusades Pope Urban’s speech The capture of Jerusalem Founding of Crusader states Loss of Jerusalem to Saladin Sack of Constantinople by.
THE CRUSADES A Quest for the Holy Land. What Do You Know?? What are the Crusades? What do you think of when you hear the term Crusades? What area of the.
Chapter 11 Section 1 - The Crusades.
Middle Ages Chapter 14. Consider:the relationship between lords and peasantsthe relationship between kings and lordsthe self-sufficiency of a manor village.
UNIT III: Regional Civilizations C.E.. The Crusades.
The Crusades Background: Muslims had conquered Palestine in the 600s during the leadership of the Rightly Guided Caliphs. Muslims were at first tolerant.
Aim: Summarize the Causes and Effects of the Crusades
Rise of Islam in the South In the year 628, the Muslim prophet Muhammad and his followers marched to Mecca. The large group was on a pilgrimage. *Remember,
BELLRINGER: 3/30 + 3/31 1. Pick up the papers by the door. 2. Make the following ToC updates: ▫Page #126: Notes: Crusades ▫Page #127: SAC Evidence Sheet.
THURSDAY  Agenda  Religions Crossword (10 mintues- START NOW!)  Crusades Notes  Motivations for War  Binder Pages  1) Learning Targets  2) Lesson.
A. European Christians had made journeys to Jerusalem and the Holy land since 200 AD. (Holy land-places of Bible –Israel, Palestine, and Jordan) B
The Crusades World History. Causes  Economic Younger sons wanted land Wanted to plunder Middle East.
The Crusades Essential Questions 1.How did the Eastern Roman Empire become the Byzantine Empire? 2.What were the purposes of the crusades? 3.What were.
Church Reform and the Crusades. Section-1 The Catholic Church undergoes reform and launches Crusades against Muslims. The Effects of the Crusades The.
DARK AGES 4 The Crusades Eastern Orthodox Church Churches in Constantinople did not accept the pope’s claim as head of Church (1054) Great Schism = separation.
 Middle Ages  feudalism  monastery  Convent.
THE CRUSADES LT 9.2- I can describe the Crusades including unification of Spain and the fall of Constantinople.
The Crusades September 27th.
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p. 378 – 386 in your book

The Middle Ages -- Review Europe years called the “Dark Ages” –Continuous invaders from south (Magyars) and west (Vikings) –Loss of security from Roman Empire –DECENTRALIZATION Lead to a spiritual revival –Church began restructuring / massive building projects (Cathedrals)

Muslim, Jew, Christian…

Historical Concept West vs East Mycenaean Greeks Athenians/Spartans Alexander’s Campaigns Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians Crusaders Israel U.S. led coalitions Trojans (Hittites) The Persian Empire Rise of Islam; Muslims and Turks Muslims Palestine Iraq/Afghanistan

Historical Concept West vs East

The Crusades What are they? Muslim Turks threatening to conquer Constantinople (capital of Byzantine Empire) Byzantine Emperor pleads for help Pope Urban II – issued a call for a “holy war” to gain control of the Holy Land Next 300 years littered with Crusades against the Muslims.

The Crusades Soldiers, trained killers, Knights and the Crusades: should we do with these trained killers? // niTeTY7pwhttp:What should we do with these trained killers? // niTeTY7pw

Goals of the Crusades Economic –Merchants profited by giving loans to fund the journey –Leased ships to transport armies across Mediterranean –Take trade routes from Muslim traders Social –Younger sons, who would not inherit property saw it as a chance to claim land –Get the violent knights out of Europe….fighting and destruction in another land. Political –Get rid of fighting knights who threatened peace and church property Religious –Reclaim Palestine and reunite Christians (was split East & West) –Stop Muslim attacks

1 st and 2 nd Crusades All classes gathered in Constantinople ill-prepared for war – didn’t know climate, geography, culture No strategy and no leader All were promised a spot in heaven Most were French – Bohemians, Germans, Englishmen, Scots, Italians and Spaniards joined as well The First Crusade was launched in 1096

1 st Crusade An army of 12k approached Jerusalem, and besieged the city for a month Capture the city in 1099 Victory was a narrow strip of land m/watch?v=oGj_bOX9 yGo&feature=relatedhttp:// m/watch?v=oGj_bOX9 yGo&feature=related

Textbook Page 325 and 326

2 nd Crusade These newly formed Christian states were vulnerable to Muslim counterattack 1144 – Edessa reconquered by Turks 407hAhttp:// 407hA 2 nd Crusade organized to recapture the city – it failed in 1187 Jerusalem had been captured by Saladin a Muslim leader

3 rd Crusade to Recapture Jerusalem com/watch?v=yXC JhNKQw3Qhttp:// com/watch?v=yXC JhNKQw3Q Led by 3 of Europe’s most powerful monarchs –Phillip II of France –Frederick I of Germany –Richard the Lion Hearted of England –What eventually happened in 1192?

The Consequences of the Crusades NJyHj4http:// NJyHj4 What were some of the consequences of the Crusades?

Consequences a) Italian Merchants get rich equipping knights – ports of Italy busier than ever. b) Important trade routes re-opened between Europe and the Middle East c) New products introduced to Europe – silk, spices, fine cloth, technology d) The remaining kings and lords in Europe become more powerful because enemies were killed in the Middle East

Crusades -- Consequences e) After the failure of the Crusades, the Middle East remains controlled by Muslim Turks = the Ottoman Empire until the end of World War I, 1918